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Bridesmaid Poem

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Dyzzidi Fri 04-Feb-05 09:42:31


I am getting married and would like recommendations of any poem to put in a card to invite someone to be a bridesmaid!!!!

Two of the bridesmaids are my sisters and one is my niece so sister or niece poems would be fine.

Please Help!

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 09:43:04

whjy do oyu need a poem ?
is this what people do?

anorak Fri 04-Feb-05 09:44:48

Why don't you start a thread in the poetry section challenging people to write one for you? Give one or two details, names etc and I bet popsycal'll be on there before you can say 'bridesmaid'!

Dyzzidi Fri 04-Feb-05 11:43:30

I think I will start a thread in poetry and in answer to you question LOWCAl I am geeting married in Las Vegas and didn't ask them to be bridesmaids as I did'nt want to put pressure on them to have to come to las vegas.

They have thankfully booked to come and i just thought a poem in a card would be a nice idea to make an 'official' request.

Of course then the shopping and real planning can start!!

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 11:44:24

hmmm agree about making one up too good idea

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