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Help. Phil & Teds or Jane Powertwin

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SG5 Sat 12-Jul-08 21:01:22

My second child is due in September, and my first will be 18 months old by then. Have started looking at twin/tandem buggies and am stuck between the Phil and Teds Sport, Phil and Teds Vibe and the Jane Powertwin. We need all terrain for where we live!

My son is very tall for his age and have read conflicting reviews over which is best for tall toddlers. Any advice would be appreciated.

Amphibimum Sat 12-Jul-08 21:03:35

my buggy days are behind me now, but being indecisive and fickle, i went through a fair few.
personally, i think the P&T wins over the powertiwn on size, bulk and weight when folded, and the front seat not being great for dozing off in (on the jane)

dizzydixies Sat 12-Jul-08 21:05:45

I couldn't fit dd2 in the top seat of a P&T as she was too tall so bought a duoeasywalker instead - its a sidebyside though so not sure if they interest you

is there anywhere nearby you can try them out?

SG5 Sat 12-Jul-08 21:28:58

Thanks for these. Need a tandem as opposed to a side by side as the footpaths where we live are fairly tight. My son was over 11lbs at birth, and the new baby is also expected to be big so it means that need to make sure whatever buggy I get has plenty of room for growth. Had a Britax Vigour for my little boy which he outgrew height wise before his first birthday. Just want to make sure that whatever tandem buggy I go for has plenty of room for growth.

Am trying to get out to see them but with bad SPD at the moment and still working full time, internet shopping seems so much easier at the mo

heathermcg Wed 16-Jul-08 23:25:02

Hi there
My vote is for the Powertwin...a few weeks ago (when it was pouring with rain) I took pity on my 4 and a half year old and stuck him in the front seat of the Powertwin! He just about squeezed under the hood and obviously his legs were too long - but he did go to sleep in it... so can't have been that bad!
The car seat though would be a challenge - like any other I would imagine, although the back seat does recline fully.

I do have my powertwin I need to sell on if you are interested in looking at photos?

littlestarschildminding Thu 17-Jul-08 18:49:23

BOTH are fab buggies.

The pt is small and light and easy to push. Can accomodate car seat. Fits in small boots.

The Jane is bigger and a little bulkier, can again accomodate car seat. folds bigger though but is def more comfortable for both children.

If using public transport or car alot I would go with the pt, if you walk everywhere go with the Jane.

Both are great and you won't regret either.


LongLiveGreenElizabeth Thu 17-Jul-08 18:51:52

Powertwin. I just posted on some other thread recently. My dc's feet went through the basket of the p&t. she's not huge or tall.

But she just 'grew'. hmm

You're supposed always to put older child on top and younger child on the bottom.

BUT this doesn't work for two reasons
1) you're not supposed to have a child on the bottom but no child on the top.... however, it's the elder child who wants to jump in and out..

So I put younger child on top and younger child underneath. Buggy now fcuked.

JA32 Fri 18-Jul-08 11:01:58

My sister has a powertwin with 3 yr and almost 2 yr girls. She thought it was fantastic as she had a small age gap between the two. 3 year old now wants to walk everywhere but both fit in the powertwin comfortably and there is no problem if one wants to walk for a while.

I have a slalom for my son, very little difference in length but still plenty of leg room for both children, cant work out how they have done it.

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