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The car is filled to the brim, everything is clean and priced,,BOOT Fair tomorrow here I come!!

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eandh Sat 12-Jul-08 20:07:16

I emptied the loft bar 6 boxes (dd's memory boxes, wedding box,xmas decs and suitcases plus dd1 clothes for dd2) have so much stuff to sell, I did a bott fair at this place last year and got £180 so fingers crossed.

Everything been cleaned, priced, I have a float of change, carrier bags and yes I did put the pasting table in last grin

expatinscotland Sat 12-Jul-08 20:08:46

Wow! Good luck!

lilyloo Sat 12-Jul-08 20:09:26

I contemplating this or ebay , hope you beat last year smile

expatinscotland Sat 12-Jul-08 20:14:24

i never have enough to sell to justify doing a boot sale, but my sister clubbed in with some neighbours and had the American equivalent of one, a garage sale, and she made $600 off her junk!

eandh Sat 12-Jul-08 20:14:54

I love boot fairs, I remember being forced tagging along when I was younger and my Mum and Dad always did really well, I have washed and ironed all the clotehs and on hangers in size order (have a portable rail ) I honestly think the 'presentation' makes a huge difference, as people cant be botehred to go through piles on the floor and I find pricing things means people buy them (plus my Dad coming along and he has the gift of the gab!)

eandh Sat 12-Jul-08 20:16:51

Expat - I tend to store stuff in the loft through the year and then have one go at selling it all in the summer, anything left will be put on 'for free' on here or freecycle/charity shop (do you have dd's that are small and need clothes/clarks shoes as a thankyou for your help with the tax credit thing??)

Reggiee Sat 12-Jul-08 20:20:45

Good luck tomorrow EaH. Will you spend your takings on more things to put in the loft ready for next year wink

eandh Sat 12-Jul-08 20:25:23

no I am not looking at anyones stalls grin (well except if someone is selling small childs table and chairs that would fit in the wooden playhouse) I manage to fill the loft each year with my own --reckless- spending overindulging well thought out and considered purchases wink

Marne Sat 12-Jul-08 20:26:16

Good luck, my car is loaded up too, hoping for £100+. I have priced evrything, put things on hangers and cleaned up some toys which i have just snuck in the car without dd seeing.

eandh Sat 12-Jul-08 20:33:50

Good luck Marne (just checked your profile to make sure you werent my local competition tomorrow) you'll have to post here with an update

My parents are also doing a stall (and dh and the dd's will meet us there at a more reasonable hour!) my Mum phoned to say shes done some sarnies, sausage rolls and she'll make a flask of tea for us in the morning grin (I would have spent some of my profits at the snack bar otherwise wink)

eandh Sun 13-Jul-08 13:02:49

Back from boot fair my car was overflowing going came back with one small box toys and about 10 bits of girls clothing but also £155 richer which is going in the holiday spending account!!!!!!

How did you get on Marne?

Marne Sun 13-Jul-08 13:36:53

Hi, yes just uloading the car, i took around £120 and spent £15 grin, not bad at all, i sold all dd's toys so now she wants me to buy her some playmobil.

Tas1 Sun 13-Jul-08 17:07:52

I too did a boot fair today.
I came home with £165, this was after paying the £8 pitch money and my DD's weedling £20 out of me for bits & bobs. I will leave them at home next time, it will be cheaper!! grin

eandh Sun 13-Jul-08 18:15:25

Well done both of you - yes I had more profit too but dh appeared with the dd's and dd1 decided to stay and spent £5 of profit and also paid £9 pitch out of profits so in theory was £170 I sold grin

I was surprised how quickly some things went that I thought would need 'selling' travel cot sold before I even got it out of the boot and quinny pushchair had 2 ladies arguing over it smile. There were loads of eastern europeans (I am in Kent and loads over for fruit picking at the mo) and they bought loads although bartering in 2 different languages was interesting!

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