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What the hell is wrong with MSN and Outlook Express and Hotmail tonight????

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Branster Thu 03-Feb-05 22:10:03

Anybody else having this problem: it keeps blocking me, the I have to type in these acrambled letters & numbers to access it again??

essbee Thu 03-Feb-05 22:22:58

Message withdrawn

Branster Thu 03-Feb-05 22:23:55

very strange!

lou33 Thu 03-Feb-05 22:32:17

mine is ok, she says putting a jinx on herself

JulieF Fri 04-Feb-05 00:37:13

Oh I thought it was just me because dh reinstalled everything the other nifght. It won't send my emails at all.

Gwenick Fri 04-Feb-05 00:38:27

Been receving emails all evening and been chatting online too.

Branster Fri 04-Feb-05 00:55:15

it seems to be OK now. how weird was that?

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