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Toddlers and glasses

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VeronicaMars Fri 11-Jul-08 17:12:12

Please come and tell me your experiences with your babies needing glasses. DD is nearly three and has a +4 & +5 perscription.
How long did the first pair of glasses last?! Should I get a spare pair and should I get them thinned down. I don't know what to do.

VeronicaMars Fri 11-Jul-08 17:28:12

Bump I will

misdee Fri 11-Jul-08 17:33:35

dont bother about thinning them down.

ask your optician to fill i na form for a free second pair.

we went through loads between the ages of 1-2years old, but now dd3 is 3, her glasses have been in teice so far, once to have a lens repaired, the other time to get a new arm put on.

windygalestoday Fri 11-Jul-08 17:36:34

dont spend a penny on them you dont have to -you will go through hundreds of pairs grin ds2 has worn them for years in that time hes lost loads swapped some given some way thrown some way bent them twisted them and broke them!!

find a good child friendly optician and all will be well.

2shoes Fri 11-Jul-08 17:37:36

most opticians will thin them down a bit9spec savers do the best for free)

EustaciaVye Fri 11-Jul-08 17:39:39

Get the free pairs, you can get nice frames now.

Check out the opticians around you before going in to get a pair. Some have good ranges, some dont. And some deal with kids better than others.

My DD got hers age 3.4 and had a pair for a year without needing new ones. We replaced them (for free) frecently as the lenses were scratched. She has never lost them, they help her see.

We went through a phase a while back where she didnt want to wear them (I think a child at pre-school may have said something) but it didnt last long.

I'm sure your DD will look gorgeous.

misdee Fri 11-Jul-08 17:41:29

have never paid for dd's. we ahve a lovely friendly optician. they know her so well blush

Elk Fri 11-Jul-08 18:09:09

Be prepared for weekly trips to the opticians to get the glasses reshaped/tightened.

Don't pay for anything you don't have to the NHS frames are fine (and last better than any I''ve paid for including those so-called flexible ones)Repairs on the NHS ones are free.

DD1 (5) is currently wearing bight pink bifocals which she loves, she has been wearing glasses for 3 years now.

Seona1973 Fri 11-Jul-08 20:09:30

my dd (4.8 years) has had glasses from about 18 months. The first few pairs she had didnt need thinning but as her prescription got stronger I did pay for them to be thinned (£20 in Dollond & Aitchison - although I have had a couple of replacements where I didnt have to pay that again). DD hasnt broken that many pairs at all - she had her last pair for about 9 months but by then they were quite mangled. A combination of her throwing them in a strop and her younger brother pulling them off her face. She has just got some nice Barbie glasses which are free with the NHS voucher thing. I just use a pair of her old glasses as a spare.

VeronicaMars Fri 11-Jul-08 22:31:58

Thanks I'm stressing for no reason.

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