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It's STRESS CITY here today!

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mumbojumbo Thu 03-Feb-05 14:43:25

OK, so far today:

DS1 been at pre-school. Had phone call to say he'd been hit on the head with a saucepan by one of the other children . Happily he's none the worse for wear. Me? Bit flaky!

DS1 did a wee on the potty and didn't tell me. DS2 found it before I did and was wiping it up the wall by the time I'd got to him. Yuk!

Got the builders in doing a conservatory. The lounge is now out of bounds whilst the electrician is there. The conservatory is out of bounds because the builders are in there. The garden is out of bounds because its full of building equipment. DS1 wants to go and say "helllooooo" all the time and it's getting very hard keeping him out of the way. DS2 just follows behind DS1 laughing! We are hiding upstairs with the stairgate closed at the moment but I think we might just have to go out for a while. I've been asked questions about where sockets are going and I don't know the answers . We are having the french doors taken out tomorrow morning - the house is a tip and dh is late home tonight!

All in all, not a very good day. I need chocolate!

starlover Thu 03-Feb-05 14:44:59

I think you should go out and have a nice cup of tea and some chocolate cake.
let the builders decide where the sockets go!!!

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