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O2 insurance customers beware.

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kegs82 Thu 10-Jul-08 18:48:04

I got a phonecall from a man in what sounded like a callcentre going by the background noise earlier today. The number was withheld which at the time I thought nothing of. He claimed to be from O2 insurance and was calling to inform me of recent changes to O2 insurance packages which would benefit me. He asked me to confirm my details and to confirm my mobile's IMEI number and card details of the card I wanted cashback to be applied to.

I know I should never have done it but I gave him my bank debit card number without even stopping to think about it already trying to work out what I'd spend the cashback on. Luckily my husband is more sensible than me & suggested I phone O2 to check it was really them that had called. Of course they confirmed it wasn't them & had already recieved a few calls today regarding this.

I've phoned my bank and cancelled my card and fortunately for me no attempts had already been made to use my card before I contacted bank. Only harm done is a feel like a complete fool. Usually I'm quite aware of things like this.

I thought I'd post this message to warn anybody else that might be targeted and fall for it like I did. O2 have advised me that a call from them will never show up as a withheld number as their SIM cards automatically recognise O2 callcentre broadcast numbers and they don't use any other callcentres. O2 say that they will put warning out about this but thought I'd spread the word on here.

MrsWeasley Thu 10-Jul-08 21:56:58

Thanks for making us aware

shhhh Fri 11-Jul-08 14:04:13

bump for o2 customers. smile

shhhh Fri 11-Jul-08 14:04:13

bump for o2 customers. smile

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