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any ideas what club my 3 year old daughter would like ?

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mummyloveslucy Thu 10-Jul-08 16:31:52

I was wondering if I could find a club or somthing for my 3.5 year old daughter throughout the summer holidays. I've looked in to ballet but you pay by tearm and she would only stay for 8 weeks and then she's going to be doing ballet at nursery. Also if she dosn't like it I'll have paid for nothing.
She loves music so somthing musical would be great. She dosn't like swimming but might enjoy a sport such as tennis. Is she too young for tennis lessons?
I'd be really greatful for any ideas. smile

LIZS Thu 10-Jul-08 16:46:00

tbh she is probably too little for most commercial schemes on her own unless any private day nurseries do one. Check your local sports centre as they may do a general fun session where she can try different things during a morning.

mummyloveslucy Thu 10-Jul-08 16:49:02

Thanks LIZS, that sounds good. She'd like somthing like that.

GrapefruitMoon Thu 10-Jul-08 16:50:39

I think most clubs are term-time only and lots of holiday activities are aimed at school-age children rather than pre-schoolers

mummyloveslucy Thu 10-Jul-08 16:56:17

Yes, that would make sence. I haven't found anything yet. Our weather is rubbish at the moment but I like to get out of the house as much as possible.

LIZS Thu 10-Jul-08 17:01:19

Library or independent book shop may have a story telling session. Do elc still do their play sessions

mummyloveslucy Thu 10-Jul-08 17:05:02

Oh yes, waterstones have story telling and I think our libuary does some musical thing. I took her when she was about 2 but she was too young and wanted to do her own thing. She'd love it now though.

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