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Summer Fayre ideas please

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triplets Thu 03-Feb-05 12:10:34

Me again. We have just had our first meeting and I thought I would pick your brains as you are all so brilliant, for good money spinners for our Summer Fayre. I am sure alot of you have the same problems we all have getting enough volunteers etc. Also does anyone know if instead of forking out £90 to get our raffle tickets printed we could somehoe do photo copies? Any ideas of stalls etc would be very welcome. Thanks!

boudicca Thu 03-Feb-05 12:20:55

no ideas as yet
thought I'd bump it for you

jampots Thu 03-Feb-05 12:25:33

We did a stall called The Wish Tank which was my idea. Basically its a selective raffle and the prizes are purely indulgent experiences ie. facial/manicure/pedicure/gym membership/pamper day/meal at a nice local restaurant etc. For about £3-4 each mum (sorry its only open to mums ) gets a "wish" which they can put in any of the prize pots, in addition they also receive a free glass of wine and a chance to sit and chat in a very relaxed atmosphere with candlelight, soft music, relaxing music etc. At the end of the fayre, a name is drawn out of each pot and the person whose name is on the ticket wins the prize. Forgot to say that the prizes need to be begged from local businesses.

Shoot the ducks - 3 rubber ducks on varying levels on top of a few building blocks, water gun, shoot hte ducks, prizes for getting all three down (good prizes - water pistols), sweets as giveaways.

Pre-school area always goes down well too - blag a small bouncy castle from a local firm/school and have a little colouring table, fishing pool etc and charge say £1 (or more if you have to pay for bouncy castle) for half hour in the area.

cant think of any more now but will post again

starlover Thu 03-Feb-05 12:29:17

my fave stalls when I was a kid were the one where u have loads of lollies stuck in sand, and you pick one and if the bottom is coloured in you can keep it!
the other one was a similar thing with eggs placed on a bed of sand and you had to pick one and if it was a whole egg you could keep it (think you might have got a sweet or something too)... i was always really chuffed with my egg though!
the other eggs would all be just shells...

both are nice and cheap to set up

Snugs Thu 03-Feb-05 12:34:47

We always did the 'chocolate dice' game.

Make a simple board with 6 numbered squares. Get hold of a large die. Buy lots of (largish)chocolate bars (we bought them wholesale).

Players buy a square for, say, 20p. Throw die. Winning number gets chocolate bar (worth maybe 50p). Stall makes instant 70p profit.

Amazing how popular that stall was .

Mothernature Thu 03-Feb-05 12:39:08

Bring 'n' Buy...White Elephant stall (Unwanted gifts)..Cake Stand...tombola....guessing name game...coconut shy....tin can alley...HTH

starsailor Thu 03-Feb-05 12:46:45

Try Baker Ross. They do all the little prize type things, plus they sell ready made tombola kits with all the tickets, prizes etc. They suggest ticket price and even tell you how much profit you will make (quite a lot!). I think these type of stall can make your fayre look a lot more interesting and 'professional'

jampots Thu 03-Feb-05 12:57:25

IMO baker ross was ok for sourcing cheaper end prizes. We picked up some brill stuff from toy warehouses, Claires accessories etc. I even got a load of Harry Potter stuff for 50p each from M^S.

chocfreeclary Thu 03-Feb-05 12:58:23

successful ones at our last fayre were a chocolate tombola - people donated prizes, either chocs they didn't want (!) or maybe even just bought four Kit Kats or something. Then we did 20p a ticket, 0 or 5 wins, so you buy £1 -worth and probably win something....even if it's a 30p choc bar the kids are happy!
Also wine or water stall, wrap up bottles of wine (donated!) in newspaper, ditto empty wine bottles filled with water, £1 a go, 4-1 ratio I think and you just pick one and see if you strike lucky. That was cleared within half an hour!
I think people like to know what to donate (so choc and wine are good ideas).
A fried had a fab idea for their last summer fayre (needs to be a summer one); they did a fruit smoothie and fruit kebabs stall, plus bowls of strawberries. They had to buy all the fruit, spent i think about £30 on strwbs, grapes, melon, peaches etc, and either whizze dit into smoothies or made kebabs. Sold em for 50p a go i think and made loads of money, sold out, queue all afternoon long. Healthy as well, eh? She said all the mums were so releived to get to the stall and have a nice bowl of strawberries and see that the kids were eating something healthy. I thought it sounded fabbbb

chocfreeclary Thu 03-Feb-05 12:59:53

That's a friend not a fried. She's much healthier than that! (my typing is gettign worse )

Posey Thu 03-Feb-05 21:15:49

Not a money-spinner this one but the kids love it. Cut drinking straws into 3 pieces, roll a piece of paper up and put it inside the staw. Write different things on papers, eg win 10p, win a sweet, no win, have another go...
Put all straws into a tray of sand. Charge 20p per straw.

Another is a win-every-time tombola. Get people to donate a jar they've refilled with something, eg cotton wool balls, sweets, whatever. Small jars, big ones, some more valuable than others. People like it as they will definitely win. No outlay as everything donated.

And if you have someone creative, or maybe a class that could do this, which my dad did for years at our fairs. He made a papier mache treasure island, all painted with hills, sea etc. Then he made little flags out of cocktail sticks and paper. You buy a flag, write your name on it and stick it where you think the treasure is.

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