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We have just booked a Sun Holiday in Devon Cliffs (Haven).

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lucyellensmum Thu 10-Jul-08 09:51:05

ITs going to be mad isn't it???? grin.

Tell me what it is like, good reports only, cos i'm sooo excited. This is the polar opposite to the sort of holiday we would normally do but we havea 3 year old who loves swimming and soft play. First holiday for nearly four years and want DD to love it. DD happy = happy mummy and daddy.

Also, can you recommend any (cheap) days out nearby incase the fun gets too much

TillyScoutsmum Thu 10-Jul-08 10:16:14

We used to go here when I was a child... Its great fun. The beach is fantastic and the pool etc were great

Days out - I remember going to a miniature pony and animal place in Dartmoor and a place with otters and butterflies (Dartmoor again). Also a national trust castle (think it was Castle Drago ?) Think there's a zoo in Exeter as well

lucyellensmum Thu 10-Jul-08 10:48:41

I'm about wetting myself with excitement actually. It is the largest of the haven sites shock (well if you are gonna do tack, you have to go the whole hog methinks) and there looks like there is loads to do, with a country park museum close by with petting zoo (mine and DDs idea of paradise) and vintage motorbikes and cars (DP will be happy then). They have a Spa, i mean, it would be rude not to take advantage really woudlnt it. grin.

Oohhh, im getting all emotional hmmgrin

TillyScoutsmum Thu 10-Jul-08 10:51:54

I reckon you need to get DP to take DD to the vintage car place to bore educate her about such things, whilst you relax in the spa with a lovely facial and massage. Like you say, it'd be rude not to

ooh - and cream teas are a must... Loads of clotted cream and strawberry jam - yum smile

Hope the weather's good for you - it was always glorious sunshine when we went (went for about 7 years running). You'll have a fab time

SugaryBits Thu 10-Jul-08 10:56:29

We went to Devon Cliffs last year and I loved it. I had a really good feeling from the moment we arrived!
The caravans are basic, but what you would expect from this kind of holiday. Some of the park is quite hilly and some vans do not have a parking space right next to them but this didn't bother us.
The beach is lovely and the pool is great for the kids. The arcade will cost you a fortune! The entertainment was good. Food options a bit limited but again, what you would expect from this type of holiday.
There are loads of things to do nearby. Hope you have a great time!

SugaryBits Thu 10-Jul-08 10:58:22

We went here for the day. It was fantastic. I had a fight on my hands trying to get DH, yes dH out of the huge soft play area!

lucyellensmum Thu 10-Jul-08 11:07:47

oh, how excited am i!! DD says "are we going on holiday in a minute?" and she says we must take her special pink toilet seat grin I'm not sure i can wait til september!!!!!!

tortoise Thu 10-Jul-08 11:15:37

I think Crealy park is close by too. We want to go to Devon cliffs too. Have been to some other Haven sites and my 4 love it there.
Not sure we will get a Sun holiday though as we can only do the half term week which i expect will be all gne on advance bookings.

lucyellensmum Thu 10-Jul-08 11:34:08

This will be the last year that we wont be affected by having to book in half term so we plan to make the most of this. When do you think i should start packing, we go in September???grin

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