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lost brith certificate...

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bea Thu 03-Feb-05 09:23:42

or lost somewhere in the mess that is this house...

you cannot believe the 'mare i am going through trying to get my dd and ds a passport...

anyway... how do i replace dd's lost birth certificate...?

been to the registration services website and it looks an absolute doddle ordering a coy of a birth certificate... but is that all it is? a photcopy of a certificate... or would it be a proper replacement document that passport etc people will accept....

thanks all

Amanda3266 Thu 03-Feb-05 09:29:44

Hi bea - for the passport office you need a replacement document. We had to do this as we were applying for passports and packing to move at the same time. You've guessed it the birth certificate for DS went into packing (oh dear). The registrar department were really good. I went into them and explained and although they couldn't do it there and then they did send one out first class and we got it the next day.


misdee Thu 03-Feb-05 09:30:17

go to registry office where you registered them (or do it online if u have moved far away) fill in a form, ask for long/full birth certificate as this is what the passport office require. if they were born after 98 i think it is, then they can print off the full birth certificate there and then. take some id with u as well.

bea Thu 03-Feb-05 09:49:26

gosh is that all? i need the long one with all the details and everything... i think i will go in armed with all eveidence possible as whenevr i end up doing this sort of thing some document or another is always missing!!! and phone up to check just in case!!!

speedy replies mumsnetters!!!


misdee Thu 03-Feb-05 09:51:33

call first. they'll tell you how much it'll be and if they can print them off or post them out. very quick and painless.

bea Thu 03-Feb-05 10:18:10

i can't believe it can be sooo simple... just gave the office a call and then said just drop in, fill out form and then they give you a copy... she said she didn't need any id or anything... however i'm taking everything i've got!!!

thanks again!

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