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snotty , eyes red pouring & playgroup, go or not to go ???

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melsy Thu 03-Feb-05 09:18:52

Would you take them ?? feeling guilty like Im bunking off !! feel crap myself this morn too with really bad AF , but have paid for half term soft play place and cant face it today after nights of disturbed and unsettled evenings since last Friday.

Titania Thu 03-Feb-05 09:19:56

awww poor you. i would stay home and rest. get better soon all of you! x x

aloha Thu 03-Feb-05 09:20:42

No, put cbeebies on instead and make yourself a cup of tea. Would you want to go to work if you were ill and it was raining?

mears Thu 03-Feb-05 09:21:59

No, definately wouldn't.

anorak Thu 03-Feb-05 09:22:24

Yeah melsy, stay home and lounge about.

Clayhead Thu 03-Feb-05 09:22:48

I have had exactly the same dilemma this week...and kept the kids at home all week. They just aren't up to it.

If I have to watch Shrek again I think I'll lose it...

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 09:22:54

no way stay inside in warm

melsy Thu 03-Feb-05 09:23:42

It is dd with nasty nasty cold BTw, Im just drained really really badly . Have to summons energy for later to to pick up little boisterous nephew , as my sister is out on neices school trip.

melsy Thu 03-Feb-05 09:25:12

yeah If I have to wtach monsters inc for the 20th time Ill scream , or "monners" , "monners" as my cute nephew says!!!

melsy Fri 04-Feb-05 08:35:21

ok to mumsnet meet up or not meet up?? , she has one of those medium type colds , snot mound mornings , not really a temprature temprature . You know one of those in betweeny illnesses, which makes them irratable but not quite full blown ill. better be quick on here as she not happy bout my not paying 100% interest in her today !! I just not good at home ALL DAY , its reminding me of being trapped for 6 weeks with build aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh & BRENT X is calling later !!!

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