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cheekychops03 Wed 02-Feb-05 21:28:29

Well, actually, I've calmed down a bit now but I'm still really really p'd off.
I went in to my 'local' Wetherspoons with my nearly two year old this lunchtime because he wanted to eat a meal by the 'big boat' (Cutty Sark). As I was on my own, I went to the bar to ask if they were doing kids meals and how I could go about ordering something. The girl at the bar told me to leave the bar as children were not allowed at the bar. I asked how I could order drinks and food as I was on my own, only to be told that it was not her problem and she was only telling me the rules and to leave the bar area. I was so stunned at her off-handedness and unhelpful attitude that I just said, 'right, you've just lost my custom' and walked out. As I was going, I nearly turned round and asked to speak to the manager but as I had a hungry child and knew it was going to take me at least half an hour to get home, I decided to jump on a train pronto.
I'm going to write a letter to the manager but I am so cross that they could be unhelpful. They advertise themselves as child friendly yet will not help a parent by themself. Surely they could have offered to come over to a table and take my order. Its not as if they were busy.......

Bellie Wed 02-Feb-05 21:31:48

I can't believe the unhelpfulness of the girl - definately write the letter!
Hope you had a nice lunch when you got home

oatcake Wed 02-Feb-05 21:32:52

Sort 'em out!

I took ds, at 8 weeks old to Bar Ha Ha (as my breasts were ready to explode) I was told they didn't allow children under in any circumstances.

Dh and I went in just before xmas and they've revised their rules, probably because of the how they missed out on a lot of business.

Must admit, we felt like lepers and vowed never to go there again...

Chase it up. How you were treated was wrong.

Frizbe Wed 02-Feb-05 21:35:33

You are perfectly right to be seething as that is the only place to order in our local Wetherspoons, as I assume it is in them all, I'd have been bloomin raging too! complain a plenty, but not just to the manager, just cc them in on the main letter, which should be to head office, and expect at least a free meal for the whole family back, along with a letter of apology, they need to remember customers are their only business.....

moondog Wed 02-Feb-05 21:37:34

chch, I've often wondered about that anomaly, especially as I'm often on my own with the children for long periods. Write as letter AND give a description of the offender with time and date. Should get you a free meal at least.

When dd was very small we used to go to the cinema a lot, until one day we were stopped by a jobsworth who told us we couldn't go in. I promised to lea ve immediately if dd so much as squeaked but he said that that wasn't the issue.
As it was a '15' she couldn't come in (she was 7 wks old ffs! What did SHE care??)

Letter resulted in some free tickets.

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