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Ebay account been suspended?

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kid Wed 02-Feb-05 16:54:27

I received an email from Ebay saying my account has been suspended for non-payment of sellers fees.
I did pay some fees that I hadn't realised I owed on 30.01.05.
I checked my account status and the balance is 0
Seeing as it is only 16p they say I owe, I just paid it but my account is still blocked.
Is there a live help section?

MrsBigD Wed 02-Feb-05 16:56:26

ya gotta love ebay I've never been able to find a live help section but then again I find their normal help section pretty useless especially if you're looking for a contact email address... is there any mention of who to contact in the 'suspension' email you got?

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Wed 02-Feb-05 16:58:01

usually they unblock your account if you pay straight away

Gwenick Wed 02-Feb-05 16:59:18

I had that recently too (forgot to pay £7.12!!) I paid my paypal (well card actually) and it took a few hours for it to be unlocked - think just as long as it takes the system.

kid Wed 02-Feb-05 17:07:07

I replied to their email so not sure who it went to!
Even when I tried to pay the 16p, it came up as a warning as I was over paying. Will just have to keep checking my account. DH will be upset, he is addcited to it at the moment. He just bought an electric guitar

Gwenick Wed 02-Feb-05 17:09:11

kid don't worry - try again in an hour or so - if it's not working then it should be by the morning - I was a little shocked to discover that even after paying it didn't automaticaaly un suspend my account - but it didn't really take too long

starlover Wed 02-Feb-05 17:21:24

ebay are virtually impossible to find a real e-mail address for... which is stupid considering that they NEVER reply to queries submitted on their stupid online forms
can you tell they have pissed me off in the past???

kid... do you have a good feedback rating? If you aren't too bothered about losing it then you could just make another account.

try e-mailing something like or

i will try and find the e-mail address that my friend got for me!

Gwenick Wed 02-Feb-05 17:40:39

I wouldn't bother making another account just yet - if she's only just paid it I'd give it at least 24hrs. Its' all automated - and if they suspended you for non payment when you were late by a few days just think how many others could be in the same boat (mine was overdue by a few months! - but was suspended about 1 month ago).

janeybops Wed 02-Feb-05 18:09:28

is it really suspended. when i get these e mails i always delte them as i thought them were scams. never had my account suspended....

kid Wed 02-Feb-05 19:30:01

I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not so I went to the normal ebay website and tried to sogn in there (rather than using the link provided on the email) and my account is suspended. I have a 114 feedback, 100% rating. I will see what they do in the next 24 hours.
My sister just found out they have taken £15 out of her bank account on direct debit. She sent them an email last Friday and hasn't heard anything from them yet.

You do only pay fees if you sell something don't you? I haven't sold anything for ages so I don't even know why I had to pay anything.

kid Thu 03-Feb-05 07:19:06

Still suspended this morning
I'm annoyed as I didn't even owe them any money and they are taking their time getting back to me. (ok, its not been that long!)
I have managed to email them this morning, just have to wait for 24 hours for them to reply.

MrsBigD Thu 03-Feb-05 07:52:00

KID you also pay fees just for listing regardless whether the item you/your sister listed actually sells

imho ebay are actually rip off merchants with all the fees they levy. And now that they own paypal as well... unfortunately ebay is still the most popular on-line auction place. I did list some stuff on ebid (free listings ) but nothing sold so far maybe we should do 'forced advertising' and lure people away from ebay/paypal

pedilia Thu 03-Feb-05 09:05:46

Are you sure this was a genuine e-mail, I had one exactly the same and it was a spoof mail. If you logged on through a link in that mail I would log on through your browser and change your password FAST

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Feb-05 09:08:35

This happened to me when I was in dispute with them over seller's fees.

The email address I had responses from was:

kid Thu 03-Feb-05 18:14:48

they replied to me and have said it was done in an error and they will reinstate my account. Still haven't done it yet though!

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