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what do you clean your iron with?

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Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:04:57

am i supposed to use toothpaste? I used a special product before bought from a diy store and it did nothing. my iron is fairly new but the plate is dirty. any ideas?

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 00:05:46

You mean we actually have to use them if we have one?

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:11:38

hee, hee Mothernature!

anorak Wed 02-Feb-05 00:12:50

I've tried all sorts and the best thing is fine sandpaper.

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 00:15:49

How to Clean Your Iron
by ckeeta

Cleaning an iron is one of those horrible tasks that has to be done- something like cleaning the refrigerator, or dusting behind the stereo.

If you can, determine what is stuck.

If it is waxy, like the crayon that your daughter forgot in her Sunday dress,then heat your iron as hot as possible and iron newspaper until it is gone.

If it is an oil based sticky residue, use a soft rag and wipe with ammonia. Then rinse well with water.

If it is hard water deposits, use vinegar or something like CLR (Calcium and Lime Remover). Again make sure you rinse completly.

If (as is most likely) it is starch residue, then elbow grease and a good cleaner such as Simple Green, Top Job etc. will remove it.

After you have cleaned the sole of the iron, you should iron several pieces of waxed paper to coat the bottom and help it slide over clothing rather than dragging.

CAUTION: When cleaning your iron do not immerse it in water, use a rag and wipe it down.

{tongue in cheek emotion}

joash Wed 02-Feb-05 00:18:01

How to clean your iron - by a lazy cow ...
let DH do it - works everytime.

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:26:17

what the hell is Simple Green, Top Job ??!!!
tried sandpaper with the old iron anorak, that's why i needed a new one so obviously i'm no good at that.

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:27:02

you mean your DH joash?! Mine doesn't even know where to find it

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 00:28:09

pass on the simple green top job i did say {tongue in cheek emotion}

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:29:34

i just had the biggest grin Mothernature! Got me there!. I'm just giggling here on my own now

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 00:31:43

careful they lock you away for that you know...

Levanna Wed 02-Feb-05 00:31:46

Would that be the strange contraption DH flattens his shirts with?

HunkerMunker Wed 02-Feb-05 00:32:36

I was've reminded me what it could be now Levanna!

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:34:28

Mothernature will you stop it?! DH will be wondering what I'm up to still giggling here on my own

Branster Wed 02-Feb-05 00:35:06

so what do i do then? buy another one?

Levanna Wed 02-Feb-05 00:56:59


Sorry Branster, I have no idea how to clean an iron. I am reliably informed that we have a non-stick one (hang on, isn't that something you'd cook with? Very confusing, all this household stuff!) which has a self clean thingy for the limescale deposits. It's a morphy richards one, very cheap, very reliable, and TG, hasn't needed cleaning in the several years we've (aparently) had it!

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