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a wedding outfit for me please

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lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 18:58:42

OK i fancy for the march wedding a Jackie O kind a look
have fantastuc huge balck hat I lok ok in.
want a smart fitted caot - easy eough BUT i need something to g o under it that is not knee lenght

want a dress or skirt that ends on or above my knee, not drapey or gathered.

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 18:59:48

fancied this ont he top or summat similar

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:05:59


or this?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:16:12

hmm yes what woudl I wear on top

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:18:51

Then go for teh dress

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:19:51

both links are tot he skirt

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:20:11

Bugger, the drees link didn't work before did it?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:20:59

have tried - too long alas I look like a bag lady in anything longer than 24 incehs

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 19:21:15

I like that dress. Wrapovers are great on generous jubblies and less than perfect tummies

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:23:13

yes but have th m and s one waiting ot go back upstairs and it makes my hips look wide U I think

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:24:08

Dress is nice. Just checked Next - nothing suitable there. What about mooching round TKMAxx?

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 19:24:42

oh well. Jackie O was a more of a knee length sleeveless shift dress kind of a gal. Can you get away with sleeveless or do you get a touch of the old 'Bingo Wings' ?

FrenchGirl Tue 01-Feb-05 19:25:43

cods you can't have sleeveless shift dress with big boobs I'm afraid......
Go for a nice tea dress from monsoon?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:26:18

I like shifts ( despite what s and t say ont ht e matter) and htey suit my traditional shape
I am 5' 7 " size 12 long lega sno waist really adn slighty larger than ave bust

i dont suit frilly styles at all

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:02

What's a "traditional shape"?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:14

can get away with sleevelss int he evening deffo =- arms not too huge as long as top is not skinny straps

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:20

You can wear shifts with boobs if you get one with a slash/wide neck line.

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:25

well you know curvy

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:46

woudl disagree
wide neckline makes me look like briggitte neilson

Tinker Tue 01-Feb-05 19:27:58

You mean you're not a triangle with a circle on top and 2 sticks sticking out of the sides and the bottom?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:28:04

the time of year to have a wedding

FrenchGirl Tue 01-Feb-05 19:28:07

are you a traditionally built lady then?

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:28:35

I am only 10 stone so am not hugemongous
( well 10 2 thi s morning)

lowcalCOD Tue 01-Feb-05 19:28:55

lol I am not like the woman on ladies detective agency books!!

FrenchGirl Tue 01-Feb-05 19:29:03

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