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calling computer buffs - potentially very embarrassing

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pussnboots Tue 01-Feb-05 15:10:29

i was happily lurking on mn last week when the computer suddenly 'blanked'. it has completely failed to work ever since. an electrician was working on the premises and must have 'done something'. anyway today our friendly computer expert has taken the computer away to see what the problem is. problem is i have revealed 'secrets' to mners that i have never mentioned to anyone in rl. presumably he could find my password and have access to all my mn messages, couldn't he????

lou33 Tue 01-Feb-05 15:26:23

dh reckons if he a real expert he possibly could, but he thinks your password is likely to be encrypted in windows.

any help?

NotQuiteCockney Tue 01-Feb-05 15:35:47

You're probably fine. If he connects to mumsnet, then he'll be automatically logged in as you (if you selected the "stay logged in" option?). I don't think all your messages are stored on your computer.

Then he'd have to search for all your messages. Is your friendly computer expert that bored/interested?

SenoraPostrophe Tue 01-Feb-05 15:38:26

He could find it if either you have ticked the "remember me for 30 days" box, or if you have your username in Windows' memory (i.e. if you can leave a post just by double clicking in the box)

If not he won't find it, and even if so he would have to have a nose round the internet history and he probably has better things to do! (and that's assuming the computer isn't really knackered - if it was affected by a power surge it may have lost all data)

pussnboots Tue 01-Feb-05 16:12:58

thanks for your quick replies - think my secrets are safe-ish. he is the nosey type but hopefully too busy/not nosey enough to go to the trouble required to find my stuff. PHEW!!!

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