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Send some house selling dust my way

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sweetkitty Tue 01-Feb-05 14:33:59

Our house has been on the market since August had 5 viewing before Xmas no offers

Had 3 viewings last week and one second viewing last night am so so so desperate to move wish the phone would ring with an offer.

DaddyCool Tue 01-Feb-05 14:45:17

same here. two viewings in one month. the market seems to be picking up but very slowly. depressing isn't it.

sweetkitty Tue 01-Feb-05 15:14:08


just had estate agents on the phone, bloke from last night is very interested but has to tie up a few loose ends on his side before making an offer, I think the service charges (£92 a month) are a sticking point but he is keen and wants to make an offer Estate agent has asked him to make a decision by tomorrow.

This is the first hurdle and we are having sticking points already I hate house buying.

Can I ask the wisdom of mumsnet a question?

We have a mortgage tied into a 2 year discount tracker rate ending in August with the Nationwide, we also have loan secured against the house, when we sell the house we will be left with 30K equity (once the loan is payed back in full) For our new house we want to borrow 25K less than the value of out house at present (as we are relocating) now the sticking point is we want to basically have the same mortgage as we have now but they won't lend us this much as I am becoming a SAHM (on maternity leave now) but as I am on maternity leave I havea letter staing I will be returning to my job full time in July but this job is in London and we are moving to Scotland.

We know we can afford the repayments as they are the same as our mortgage right now and we won't have the loan repayments when we move. We are only wanting 18K more than they are willing to loan us.

Is there anything we can do?

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