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What are NCT meetings?

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SPARKLER1 Tue 01-Feb-05 12:39:40

There's a poster up at one of the Parent and Toddler groups I go to inviting people to NCT meet-ups. Does anyone go to these? Do you need have some sort of membership? Interested to hear what they are about. Thanks.

SPARKLER1 Tue 01-Feb-05 12:54:32


JPM Tue 01-Feb-05 12:57:45

Sparkler1 take a look here . Don't belong myself but have attended their Nearly New Sales in the past.

fisil Tue 01-Feb-05 12:58:16

I went to some when ds was tiny and I have never been a member. I did classes and was put in touch with this group of people because we all had a baby at the same time.

cheekychops03 Tue 01-Feb-05 14:02:49

Hi Sparkler1

I run NCT groups for new and expectant parents in my area. I think they vary quite a lot from area to area but the ones I do are very informal. People just come round to my house within a certain time frame (ie btwn 2-4pm), the kids play/dribble/feed together and the Mums get a chance to have a chinwag, a cup of tea and some much deserved cake (as long as I remember to go to the supermarket). Personally, I have made a lot of friends through the NCT who I now see outside of NCT meet-ups. I was a bit wary of the NCT when I was first told about them because I thought it was for posh 'right on' parents who lookd down your nose at you for bottle feeding and using disposables but that is certainly not the case round here.
I would say go for it. If you don't like it you can just leave. No-one is going to force you to join (you don't have to be an NCT member to go to any of their events)or do anything you don't want to.
If you want any more info then feel free to CAT me.
Good luck

NotQuiteCockney Tue 01-Feb-05 14:11:23

I'm really active in the NCT (on the local committee, etc etc), but as everyone says, it really varies with the area. In our borough, we do coffee mornings by post code. They run for about two hours, and are held in someone's home.

You certainly don't have to be an NCT member. It can help you get to know local mums. I've found the coffee mornings very helpful and have many friends from them.

suedonim Tue 01-Feb-05 14:14:53

I've been in NCT for a number of years now and made some good friends. They run all sorts of events, which varies from area to area. You don't need to join to attend events, though it's nice if you do, as that helps ensure the service will continue to exist for other new parents.

2littleboys Tue 01-Feb-05 15:50:21

Sparkler1, NCT meet-ups are basically mother's meetings! I remember just after my DD was born, I was so lonely away from work and I was the first of my friends to have a baby so had big gaping days ahead of me and I resisted going to NCT meet ups because I thought you had to be brain dead (yes, I know, terrible terrible prejudice). It was a LIFELINE. It was a great opportunity to meet up with women in the same position as me and to swop stories that didn't just involve nappies and sleep problems. Hope your area's group works well - it's got to be worth a go hasn't it?

aloha Tue 01-Feb-05 15:55:45

I joined an NCT tea group after ds was born and it was fantastic. A real lifeline. Very, very nice normal people most of whom used disposables and a mix of breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, which we never really discussed tbh. Still in contact with most of them - good friends.

bundle Tue 01-Feb-05 15:58:17

didn't join the NCT for ante natal classes as it was full round our way, but went to another class (woman who used to work for NCT) and remained friends with most of them for a while, but only keep in touch with a couple now. well worth the cost/keeping in sniggers when you're shown a knitted uterus.

Merlot Tue 01-Feb-05 16:01:35

I didn't do the antenatal NCT classes, but had such fun doing some of the NCT post natal activities that it made me wish I'd joined sooner

suedonim Tue 01-Feb-05 16:16:46

Re the knitted uterus, Bundle - one of the dads at my class was most impressed and said he now wanted a knitted woman, for when his wife worked night shifts!

bundle Tue 01-Feb-05 16:22:08

suedonim, bleughghghgh.
no doubt we'll be seeing them in those magazines, along with the blow-up ones..

SecondhandRose Tue 01-Feb-05 16:57:22

They were a life safer for me when DS was tiny (he'll be 10 in March). Met lots of people, got involved with everything and have only just retired from the committee.

If you enjoy it, please join, it's a great charity to support and like Suedonim says it means they can continue to support new parents in the future. It costs £36 for the first year and £26 to re-new your membership. It's only £3 a month.

DecafArabica Tue 01-Feb-05 17:24:49

When I was pg with DS I didn't know anyone else locally who was even contemplating kids, and so I joined NCT to do an antenatal course and meet other parents to be. Nearly 4 years later I still see 2 of the group members and their children every week. It's great for the children too because they get to meet little friends the same age. Now am pg with no. 2 and may see what's happening with tea parties etc after s/he is born, so no. 2 can have some friends same age.

SPARKLER1 Tue 01-Feb-05 18:04:28

Blimey - thanks for the feedback everyone. Loads. I have to be honest and say I thought exactly the same as you cheekychops - thought it would be full of "posh-women looking down their noses". Isn't it awful how we judge things before we see them?
My youngest dd is 3 now and at pre-school. Sounds to me like the NCT thingy is for babies???

SPARKLER1 Tue 01-Feb-05 18:55:42

Do any of you take your older children?

cheekychops03 Tue 01-Feb-05 19:33:50

Its not just for people with babies, its just my role is to support these people. In my area, there are Mums who hold open houses whose kids are at school, so they have activities and meet-ups after school. In fact, I think one of the boys I'm thinking about is going to secondary school this year!
Persoanlly, when I have open houses, siblings are welcome, whatever the age and I have really appreciated the support Mums with older kids have been able to offer me on things like toddler groups, schools etc.
There should be an 'area rep' who you can contact to find out about what is going on generally in your area. Good luck!

SoupDragon Tue 01-Feb-05 19:36:53

On the subject of the knitted uterus, don't breastfeeding counsellors sometimes have knitted breasts? I remember a discussion somewhere else about obtaining the pattern...

Poo2 Tue 01-Feb-05 19:43:36

Hi Sparkler, another advocate for the NCT here too. Am also a committee member. They do local coffee mornings, nearly new sales (clothes, cots, toys etc), and lots of fun fundraising. Am organising a treasure hunt for my branch as we speak. Members also get a newsletter full of local info on places to go, articles, relevant ads for baby type businesses like music groups. I joined when doing antenatal classes and we still meet up every week. We were all out for a Chinese last night and had a whale of a time. Know what you mean about sniffy types, and whilst 3/4 of my lot use washable nappies, we are still nice! Have a look at for info on your local branch.

SPARKLER1 Tue 01-Feb-05 23:07:38

Thanks all. x

highlander Wed 02-Feb-05 01:38:07

soupdragon, I was taught with the knitted breast. It was purple with a wee brown nipple. DH and I couldn't stop laughing

Cristina7 Wed 02-Feb-05 04:58:21

Interesting to read you don't need to be an NCT member to attend a meeting. I was told otherwise when I enquired locally 5 years ago. It put me off, to be frank, as at the time the sum seemed quite high. Later on I realised, of course, that £30 or whatever it was, is peanuts compared to all the other expenditure on a baby. It would have been nice to be able to go to a few meetings first and be convinced of their value before having to pay the cash. Anyway, I'll try again now with the new baby due in March.

JulieF Wed 02-Feb-05 16:11:18

The only stipulation with membership is that you have to be a member if you want to volunteer for a post on the commitee. Otherwise events are open to all.

Cristina7 Thu 03-Feb-05 13:38:56

Thanks for the clarification, Julie.

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