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alcohol gel in hospitals,

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misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 21:51:41

oh it makes my skin so dry.

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 21:55:02

I am a nurse and the gel is a nightmare for my hands! They are really sore and dry and look like they belong to an 80yr old!!
Dont mind too much if it means nasties like mrsa are sent on their merry way though!

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 21:56:16

what moiterisers can i use on it? (dh is on hospital so atm am using it twice a day)

lockets Mon 31-Jan-05 21:56:33

Message withdrawn

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 21:58:01

they feel very tingly today, but the soap in hospital makes my hands hurt as well, and the gel is quicker.

colditzmum Mon 31-Jan-05 22:08:40

I am a care assistant and we use this. I hate it, it stings and makes my hands so dry. I have also seen people use it in place of hand washing, so not sure that it's doing what it's supposed to.

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 22:09:13

The soap is as bad as the gel. I use a moisturiser I got from the body shop morning and evening. It seems to help a bit!

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 22:10:35

i usually stop by the loo first on the way into hosp[ital, wash my hands, then use the gel entering/leaving the ward. is that the correct way of doing it?

mears Mon 31-Jan-05 22:11:02

Our hospital provides moisturiser in wall dispenser too, as well as gel.

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 22:11:27

Yes it is. The danger is when people assume they can use it instead of washing their hands.

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 22:12:40

no moisterisers anywhere mears, loads of alcohol gel tho.

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 22:14:13

There are no moisturisers in the hospital I work in. We are moving soon to a new place so I am hoping there will be something there.

RTKangaMummy Mon 31-Jan-05 22:14:49

when DSs were in neo natal we used hibiscrub

when we went in there a few weeks ago nurses had gel in dispenser on belt

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 22:15:17

forgot to ask, how is your dh doing? (you dont have to tell me if you dont want, wasnt trying to be nosey!)

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 22:16:25

he is doing ok, waiting to be transferred. my little borther goes into tomorrow for an op tho he'll be on the floor below dh.

marj Mon 31-Jan-05 22:18:16

You poor thing. It must be really hard having to sort stuff at home and manage to go in and vist dh too. And now your brother. Hope everything goes ok.

sparklymieow Mon 31-Jan-05 22:24:10

we are cr*pping ourselves over our brother atm, he had an op done last year under a local but it failed, and now they have to open him up. He was supposed to go in two weeks ago but it was cancelled so itsall set for tomorrow!

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 22:24:57

we are very worried. but its needs to be done or the poor lad will fade away. his throat is closing up basically.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 31-Jan-05 23:21:10

I did essay on handwashing.. Am student nurse.

Alco Rub can be used on hands that are 'visibley' clean instead of soap and water. If hands are visibly dirty then use soap.

Also have to wash hands in a certain way to make sure all areas are cleaned (people often miss the backs of hand, wrists, thumbs and between fingers).

They have replaced many alco gels with a more liquid alco rub. There is mosturisers that are dispensed which can be used,

One alco gel rubbed in - it should be allows to dry in the air and then mosturise.

So basically alco gel can be used to sterilise/kill germs on visibley clean hands. Policy is that you use it between every patient to stop cross infection, hence so many of the darn dispensers

MamaMaiasaura Mon 31-Jan-05 23:22:23

RTAKangamummy - we should all have them on belts cos then there is no excuse for nurses not washing hands.. having said that I think nurses generally do follow handwashing proceedures.. but do the doctors?

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Feb-05 09:15:49

To be fair to the doctors in NNU we didnt talk to any of the doctors when we took DS back to visit NNU.

But I agree that as doctors move round from patient to patient whereas nurses are only caring for fewer patients.

The stethascopes always worry me when doctors carry them round without cleaning them.

Or do they clean them secretly?

In NNU I am sure the stethascope stayed with the baby {I may be having a lapse in memory, it was nearly 10 years ago}

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