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wireless broadband techy help help help???

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melsy Mon 31-Jan-05 20:12:08

Our wirelss broadband seems very sensitive to our AV sender , so we can only use it when its off. WE plugged in a different AV sender last night to see if we could chnage channels and may be stop the interference , but it really bu**ered up the wireless and dh spent hours on the laptop trying to work out what to do. He managed to get a connection again and it says the signal is strong , but for some reason it says our server (wanadoo), is not available, we have an error code on outlook and cant get onto the web????? I know wanandoo is not down as Im now working on our very ferklempt pc !!! Any amazing techies out there who can help save us an enourmous IT bills?????

melsy Mon 31-Jan-05 20:21:33

techy bump

morningmayhem Mon 31-Jan-05 20:21:52

try changing the wireless channel that the router and wireless card use to something different. Then re-scan for the network again. If not, the wireless router may be too close to the AV unit, it can cause interference. try moving it away. Hope that helps.

melsy Mon 31-Jan-05 20:24:26

we have used another channel but its unsecured and we'd rather use our wanadoo receiver box thingy !! Ill get dh to have another look later.

melsy Mon 31-Jan-05 20:49:38

nother bumps

hub2dee Mon 31-Jan-05 21:56:10

melsy, are you using the special wanadoo wireless livebox modem (the grey pyramid-shaped thingy) ?

I found a post online that suggested it was a real mare to get going.

You may be better off with a more 'standard' wireless router that may have more flexibility with regards to channel selection, wireless encryption etc.

However, having said that, if it was working before, you should be able to get it back to a working state. If you phone Wanadoo tech support they should be able to tell you if it looks like you are connected from their side. It could be when the router connects everything is 100% OK from there to Wanadoo, and the problem lies from the router back to your PC IYSWIM.

Perhaps resetting wireless password, trying to enable / disable the firewall or fudging with other settings on the router may make it all work again. When you are trying to troubleshoot your setup you may want to disable any of the clever wireless security settings you may have enabled on the router (like closed network / don't broacast netowrk name / limit wireless clients by MAC address / encryption etc.)

melsy Tue 01-Feb-05 10:22:36

yeah it is that grey pyramid thingy, dont quite get all you said , but will pass it onto dh !!He seems to think hes the techy!! He hasnt done a bad job till now as he got us all set up and going , but with this his all out of ideas. Tech support dont seem to be able to help much with this problem, typical huh!!

melsy Tue 01-Feb-05 10:27:42

just read that link PMSL , that was my dh several weeks ago with the 1st set up, did take him hours and hours it is the most blinkin bl**dy confusing thing EVER!!!! and of course our old pc doesnt have a blinkin ether friggin net plug socket, funny that !!

hub2dee Tue 01-Feb-05 11:48:59

That's pretty funny, me finding your hubby's post ! He knows enough about what he's doing to get along fine.

If the wannapoo modem does indeed play by the standards, then, in theory, any of the 802.11 adaptors will work with the laptop, depending on what sockets it's got: USB / PCMCIA (called 'PC card' these days). With ref to the PC, either buy a wired ethernet card, or buy a PCI card with integrated wireless facility, or again go the USB route.

Also check the machines are clear of spyware, they can seriously muller your networkability.

If your livebox is vaguely new, it might be best to rant at Wanadoo and get a refund on the boxies and get a wireless router from a more established manufacturer such as dlink, netgear etc. Oh yes, and my bet advice: get a Mac. Easier networking and immense flexibility on wired / wireless connections (though if your router configuration is f**ked, the computers hanging off it won't make any difference at all)

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