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WHAT was the name of that ECZEMA cream that was on a thread earlier?

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doggiewalker Mon 31-Jan-05 19:38:00

Because ds2 (he's 9) has, over the past few weeks, got very dry, red skin on his face which is not responding to Diprobase and I don't want to put h/c on his face. We have an appointment at the GP on Thurs but I wanted to have the name of that super cream that someone mentioned on an earlier thread . . I think it was Aveene or something like that . TIA.

hoxtonchick Mon 31-Jan-05 19:38:40


doggiewalker Mon 31-Jan-05 19:39:15

Thanks. Is it only available by prescription then?

Tissy Mon 31-Jan-05 19:40:06

you can get it at Boots. Don't need a prescription, it's with the skin creams, not in the pharmacy bit.

hoxtonchick Mon 31-Jan-05 19:40:17

i think you can buy it at the chemist but it's pretty expensive. though ds doesn't have excema, so i might be totally wrong - it's just what i've picked up from here!

doggiewalker Mon 31-Jan-05 19:43:09

and is it OK to use on him even though it might not be eczema (I realise that I can read the box when I find some) . . . I don't know if it's just winter skin but he has been prone to eczema in the past but never on his face, just the usual inside of elbows and wrists, when he was much younger.

princesspeahead Mon 31-Jan-05 20:04:15

it is completely safe. it isn't ezcema cream per se, it is just a very good cream which extremely sensitive ezcema prone skins can tolerate. it is made from oats. brilliant stuff. you can get it in most pharmacies (non-prescrip, but they usually keep it behind the counter, god knows why)

doggiewalker Mon 31-Jan-05 21:13:11

Thanks for the info. Bumping in case any other mums are on the lookout for a cream like this one.

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