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sigh,... farty -stinky!- greyhound, any 'quick' fixes??

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dramaqueen72 Mon 31-Jan-05 15:42:08

yuck. my greyhound is soooooo farty-stinky and its driving me mad (she sleeps in the dining room with the computer.....) we have tried natural yoghurt added to her dinner, with limited success. any super doggy owners help me on this smelly problem? it could really knock you dead sometimes.......

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 31-Jan-05 15:43:08

You can buy those doggy freshener biscuits, can't you ? I think they contain charcoal, so freshen/neutralise farts and dog breath !

ediemay Mon 31-Jan-05 15:48:08

Don't give her any pedigree chum, it's the worst fart food ever!

misdee Mon 31-Jan-05 15:49:27

dried food apparently stops the stinkiness.

charleypops Mon 31-Jan-05 15:56:59

Yep, foody things with charcoal in them. I think you can also buy dried food that has something in it that exactly addresses this little problem.

Maybe you need to look at what you're feeding her entirely. As dogs get older, their tolerance of things can change. We feed our dog "naturally" ie, raw chicken, bones etc (it's called the "barf" diet), but before that we fed him Hill's dried food which we were told was the best stuff to give him. A bit pricey though, and there's plenty of stuff out there that looks ok that's lot cheaper.

What do you feed your dog at the moment?

Cha Mon 31-Jan-05 16:25:46

Not a particularly farty dog but our hound has DREADFUL breath.We have just started to give him a clove of garlic every night in his food, which is no bother as I just chop and extra when I make the dinner. Although when he pants you still need to avert your face, the hot dead fish smell is noticeably better. And he seems to have stopped farting??? You could give it a try, it'll be good for her health if nothing else.

Blackduck Mon 31-Jan-05 16:52:04

Some dried food is also fart-making can't at the moment remember the brand - hound loved it, we didn't! (and friend said her dog was the same...) - charcoal biscuits are good.....

dramaqueen72 Mon 31-Jan-05 18:19:56

chuckle... this is such a funny thread thanks for your advice so far ladies.... she is currently fed 'wagg' dried dog food, which i picked as its not too high in protein (apparently too much protein makes them hyper?..)
i will get her lots of charcoal biscuits.
er..a clove of garlic???? lordy!! and that helps? okay...if you say so...
anything else?

Cha Thu 03-Feb-05 14:57:58

The garlic thing, yes, that's what I thought -it would give him hot dead fish and garlic breath, but no, for some strange reason this is not the case. You just get a watered down doggy breath and hopefully a canine with better cholesterol levels .

NotQuiteCockney Thu 03-Feb-05 15:04:27

You can always give up and buy a copy of Walter the Farting Dog? It's a sweet book ...

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 15:08:02

make sure the dog eats the same dog foods make at all meals as my mum was giving her dog one day butch, the other day a different make and its so farty and smelly (puke!) so she kept it to one make and dog stops farting!!

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