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OMG my next door neighbours house burnt down on Saturday...........

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northerner Mon 31-Jan-05 14:10:52

I live in a teraced house and the fire brigade had to break into my house, to get into our roof.
His house has completeley gone, along with all of his possessions. His dog died too

Our house stinks to high heaven and we think there is damage in our loft. I just feel so sorry for our neighbours. It is really scary to see just how much damage has been caused.

HunkerMunker Mon 31-Jan-05 14:12:09

Oh no, how horrible for you all! for the dog too.

nutcracker Mon 31-Jan-05 14:15:50

Oh no how awful. This happened to a work collegue of my moms last week.

Her daughter had ben smoking in her room and it started a fire. Whole house completely gone.

northerner Mon 31-Jan-05 14:17:43

They think this was caused by a electrical fault. He came home from work and his house was burning down.

galaxy Mon 31-Jan-05 14:18:47

Blimey - glad you're all scary.

Happened to a friend of ours following electrical burnout in washing machine. They were put up in a hotel for 4 months whilst house was rebuilt.

triceratops Mon 31-Jan-05 14:29:03

This happened to our neighbours a couple of years ago, terrifying isn't it?

They were smoking in bed after they had been out for a night on the town and fallen asleep. First we knew about it was the firemen breaking all the windows next door to let the smoke out at four in the morning. The neighbours were all fine but still legless and in their undies and shiny blankets. We weren't very sympathetic at the time because they put ds in danger. You don't think clearly at four in the morning when the nursery is full of smoke. Luckily we have nice neighbours now as the landlord chucked them out for burning his house down.

Our house stank of smoke for months, we have now fitted smoke alarms in every room.

northerner Tue 01-Feb-05 10:44:10

We've got chem dry coming out today so smell should go after a good deep clean. So cross with our insurance company though, it's like getting blood out of a stone. They're trying to tell me that because the fire didn't start in our property we're not entitled to a structual engineer to assess our property.

charlize Tue 01-Feb-05 14:27:49

This happened to a house in my mothers road last year..Luckily family of five escaped.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 14:29:14

Oh no . That's so horrid.

I hope the person who was procrastinating re house insurance sees this. A timely reminder methinks

northerner Tue 01-Feb-05 14:30:31

What was the insurance thread? Didn't see that one.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 14:31:58

The poster was talking about the fact that they don't have insurance and that they don't even known where to start. It was in the last few days, so should appear on the Last 4 Days search tab.

northerner Tue 01-Feb-05 14:35:15

OMG. Everyone should have it.

My neighbour would be in a terrible situation if he didn't have it.

Is's not like it's terribly expensive either.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 14:38:15

I know, I know. But I guess if you were really strapped for cash, that extra few quid could come in really handy along with the old classic 'It won't happen to me' mentality

BadHair Tue 01-Feb-05 14:40:32

Northerner, can I ask if your firewalls are built right up in the loft or are the open at the top?
Only asking as ours don't come right up to the eves and we can't get a builder who's willing to come to do the work. Just wondered if I should be making more of an effort to get this done.

northerner Tue 01-Feb-05 14:45:09

Hi Badhair. Ours are open at the top.

BadHair Tue 01-Feb-05 14:50:42

Thanks Northerner, will get the yellow pages out again tomorrow. There must be a builder somewhere who's willing to do the work.

Lonelymum Tue 01-Feb-05 14:52:36

OMG Northerner. Where were you when this happened?

northerner Tue 01-Feb-05 14:59:43

I was in ASDA shopping with ds. Dh was at work. My SIL had popped round with her kids for a cuppa to find 2 fire engines and a burning house. She called me on my mobile to say hurry home.

misdee Tue 01-Feb-05 15:09:35

thats awful. dh p-arents house was set alight shortly b4 we got together. everyone was asleep at the time, i cant imagine what it must be like.

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