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How do I save work on a CD asa writeable document

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Kibby Mon 31-Jan-05 11:29:11

Can anyone help me here, I'm trying to save work on a CD which it's doing bu then when I open it up again and try ot write in it it says it's readable only , how do I save it so that I can write on it too? Thanks for help

Ameriscot2005 Mon 31-Jan-05 11:30:21

You need a read/write CD (CD-RW) and a read/write CD drive.

Sponge Mon 31-Jan-05 11:37:11

You could always open it, make your changes and do a "save as" then bin the old one.

Kibby Mon 31-Jan-05 11:38:46

I've got CD-RW drive , do I need a special CD?

Snugs Mon 31-Jan-05 11:43:24

Yes, you need CD-RW discs as well, CD-Rs (which it sounds as if you are using) are readable only.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 31-Jan-05 11:43:54

Yes, the CDs are either read-only or are read-write (sometimes called rewritable).

Kibby Mon 31-Jan-05 11:48:14

last question - can I get them at Pc World or somewhere like that? Thnaks a lot, amde my life much simpler

Ameriscot2005 Mon 31-Jan-05 13:58:11

Yes, you can get them at PC World, Staples, Currys, Asda, WHSmith etc. etc. Anywhere that sells computer supplies.

Aldi/Lidl sometimes have them - it's worth keeping an eye on their specials and stocking up.

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