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Suggestions for team night out in London

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LuckyStrike Tue 01-Jul-08 13:13:31

Has anyone got any suggestions for a good, fun team night out in London. needs to include food at some point of the evening and booze for a lot of it grin.
Budget would be around £200-£300 per person (though cheaper obviously better).

Any suggestions??

Marina Tue 01-Jul-08 13:14:04

All-Star Bowling

LuckyStrike Tue 01-Jul-08 13:15:58

Meant to add that there will be about 10 of us

LuckyStrike Tue 01-Jul-08 13:17:09

Yes, bowling is a good idea. Just suggested that to the team though and they said "we did that last year". They are tough to please!

(Note: the only suggestion they have given however is a meal at the restaurant that is totally in the dark. Not so good for team bonding methinks!)

Soapbox Tue 01-Jul-08 13:24:17

cookery school

I did this recently and it was fantastic fun! Champagne flowed freely during the cooking phase, which was very hands on and with a bit of team competition thrown in and then you eat what you cooked with plenty of good quality wine!

Or how about a champagne flight on the London Eye followed by a private room at Mosimmans?

LuckyStrike Tue 01-Jul-08 15:06:23

Ooh the cookery school sounds fun. I will suggest that. Thanks

TheChicken Tue 01-Jul-08 15:07:27

you need nrothener
she is an events managr

onceinalifetime Tue 01-Jul-08 15:12:24

£200-£300 each? Do you mean £20-30 or £200-300 total budget. If it's really £200-300 each, please can I come!grin

LuckyStrike Tue 01-Jul-08 17:31:27

£200 - £300 each

thanks for the tip about Northerner Cod. I will look out for her.

I have found a team event where you design your own handbags whilst drinking champagne. How perfect! (Except that I work with a bunch of guys and they have refused to do it)

onceinalifetime Tue 01-Jul-08 20:06:24

Wow, excellent budget!

What about a very posh wine tasting course in the fabulous cellars at Berry Bros Rudd followed by dinner somewhere like The Wolseley. BBR do these fixed courses but I think you can also organise a one off course:

Dinner at the Chef's Table at one of the Gordon Ramsay places?

Going all male, what about this:

Or go-karting?

Or helicopter tour?

Or a speedboat down the Thames, supposedly like the NZ shotover jet:

snorkle Tue 01-Jul-08 20:20:23

You could go to the dogs at Walthamstow - They've got an events suit upstairs where you can have food etc. and you can have some money each for betting too.

DrNortherner Wed 23-Jul-08 10:31:31

Did you gte sorted with this?

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