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Michael Jackson Trial

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Twiglett Sun 30-Jan-05 19:55:26

starts tomorrow

.. what do you think?

lockets Sun 30-Jan-05 19:57:19

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Sun 30-Jan-05 19:58:04

much as I don't have much sympathy with the guy, it'll be trial by media like never before. They're going to show the Martin Bashir doc as evidence apparently (how can that be evidence? they should show the uncut original footage or nothing imo).

lockets Sun 30-Jan-05 20:00:10

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 30-Jan-05 20:05:10

This is interesting. Especially this bit:

<<Yet the case against Jackson is far from clear cut. His top-class lawyers are likely to paint the family of the accuser as money-grabbing opportunists. Leaked testimony hints at several avenues of attack. Prominent will be a case launched against superstore JC Penney by the accused's mother in 1998. She sued the business for $3m after accusing a security guard of attacking her children and sexually assaulting her. Leaked psychiatric reports from the case showed one expert believed the childrens' replies had been rehearsed and that the mother was delusional. The expert, Dr John Hochman, also noted there was no medical or police evidence to back up her claims.

The mother has also been a poor witness on the stand in pre-trial hearings. During an appearance last year she frequently said she could not understand questions, prayed in the dock and scolded members of Jackson's family for talking in court.

The prosecution is likely to make much of testimony she gave to social workers in 2003 saying Jackson was 'like a father' to her children. In the same set of interviews her three children all praised Jackson and angrily denied he was an abuser. The social workers closed the case.>>

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