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So... tell me about tattoos....

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wangle99 Sun 29-Jun-08 21:43:57

How much does it hurt having one done? Am debating getting one on my lower back.

Are you pleased with yours? Wish you never had it done?

ladytophamhatt Sun 29-Jun-08 21:46:32

I have 6.

its nits teh most pleasent feeling in teh world having one done but I like all of mine and TBh after having them a while you forget they are there.

As for teh arguement about regretting them when I'm 70....I really don't think i'll give a shit TBHgrin

Purplepillow Sun 29-Jun-08 21:47:03

I love mine, I've got a pegasus on my shoulder and wasn't that sore considering I hate needles grin

But must add I know people who have had a tattoo on their lower back and said it was agony.

What are you thinking of getting?

ladytophamhatt Sun 29-Jun-08 21:48:21

I had my 1st one down when I was almost 18, and had my most recent one done about a month ago.

I'm 35

ladytophamhatt Sun 29-Jun-08 21:49:01

yes, I have one on my backand it did hurt

Phono Sun 29-Jun-08 21:51:25

Message withdrawn

ravenAK Sun 29-Jun-08 21:52:43

I think it's quite a good pain actually. I know that sounds weird, but having tattoos (one at 18, then one last year to cover the first) made me feel quite tough & kickass.

Someone'll be along in a minute to say how ghastly & common they are!

Just be aware that you have to both be happy to live with your tattoo forever AND be prepared to have further work done if/when it starts looking crap - my first one ended up faded.

MegBusset Sun 29-Jun-08 21:53:12

I have two and love them. They do hurt but a hell of a lot less than giving birth! Make sure you get a very good tattooist, if they haven't got several weeks' waiting list then I would be very wary.

BlueDragonfly Sun 29-Jun-08 21:54:10

it depends on your size i think. I have one on my lower back (well it starts there and ends up in the middle of my back. and when i had it done i was size 6(at the most) with NO fat anywhere let alone backfat. i could feel my spine vibrating it was NOT pleasant. It lasted a couple of hours as well!!

However, i ampleased i had it done and when i have the money i am having another done (not sure where yet though )

gingeme Sun 29-Jun-08 22:10:25

Hi I have 5 and don't regret any of them.
Totaly second what MegBusset says about finding a good tattooist. Even better one that has been recomended.
Im currently saving for my 6th one and then I think that will be all.
Do you have a design in mind or are you going to wait and see whats in the shop?
Yes they do hurt I'd say its a bit like sunburn. Which I currently have hmm
Not sure about the lower back as I don't have one there but I have one on my right shoulder blade (happens to be my first one) and it bloody hurt. The bonier the place the more it hurts. Good luck and enjoy. Be warned once youve had one a second usualy follows wink

harleyd Sun 29-Jun-08 22:12:04

hurts on the spine, but its bearable

Spidermama Sun 29-Jun-08 22:14:47

I regret mine to be honest. It's on my arm though where it can be seen throughout the summer. I don't have the little skinny, pixie arms I once had so I would rather it wasn't there. sad

I once heard someon on the radio, Danny Baker I think, saying why would you let a stranger draw on you and it'll never come off. sad He's right.

Sorry to put a damper.

I've had a lower back one done and I made so much noise that I got a round of applause from the other customers when I went back into the waiting room. grin

But it was bearable - I just needed to chant "Oh God, Oh God, Fucking hell, etc" non-stop to help me through it if you know what I mean! I took a friend with me so I had a hand to squeeze and am very glad that I did.

sleepycat Sun 29-Jun-08 23:09:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

4andnotout Sun 29-Jun-08 23:11:56

I have 8 and the most painful one was a tribal design covering my calf, my lower back wasn't painful at all.

Dalrymps Sun 29-Jun-08 23:22:44

I have 2, had one when I was nearly 18 and another when I was 19. I would say the pain is similar to the feeling if you nipped your ear lobe, best way I can describe it anyway but had one on my stomach and one on my hip so they are quite fleshy areas.
The only thing I would say is to get it done by someone recommended to you, preferably if you see someone with an amazing tattoo ask them who did it and ask to see their other work.
In one way I don't regret having mine done but I do regret not having them done by someone good, to be honest they're pretty crap and all fuzzy and faded now sad.
Might consider getting them covered or redone at some point but probably best to wait until i've finished having babies cause the one on my stomach has a stretch mark through it and is all distorted now.
Also, make sure you choose a design that will stand the test of time rather than something that is 'in fashion' cause it'll look cheesy in 10 years time if not.

DonutMum Mon 30-Jun-08 08:24:09

Hiya. I got one when I was 32. It's on the small of my back and is a flower garland. My sons love it - they like to pull my trousers down and see the flowers on my bottom lol! Luckily, they don't do this in public very often. And yes, it hurt getting it done but the buzz afterwards was amazing - the adrenaline release is huge. So, I would do it again - but only somewhere discrete, i like having it a secret.

crazycanuck Mon 30-Jun-08 09:44:13

I have 5, and they are HIGHLY addictive! I don't have one on my lower middle back but I do have one on the right side of my back (on the muscley (sp?) bit and one between my shoulder blades. The ones on the bone definitely hurt the most, but I actually find the constant buzz of the needle almost more annoying. Would love to get another but money goes on more survival-related things these days! Definitely try to go to someone whose work you have seen before or is recommended to you by someone who's been to them. Have a look through their albums in their studio instead of just at the flash on the wall.

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 30-Jun-08 09:45:50

I have one on my lower back and it didn't hurt all that much tbh, i remember sitting watching friends whilst it was being done
And will be getting my next one soon

novadandypowder Mon 30-Jun-08 10:49:00

I currently have two but did have four. I have one on my lower back that is actually 3 tattoos - I kept adding to the original! It does hurt so be prepared, but as someone mentioned below it is a good pain if there is such a thing. Childbirth much more painful, so if you've done that you'll be fine!

I also had two around my belly button and I very nearly passed out on that. Although I've since had them lasered off and that was chuffing painful too. They have come off completely though, so it's always a fall back if you change your mind later.

I'm not very good with needles and injections, but I had no probs with tattoos. In fact I'm really itching to get another one, but my DH won't let me....

Oh yeah, and they're quite addictive grin

jellybelly2007 Mon 30-Jun-08 10:49:11

I have 3, 2 of which I'm very happy with, 1 on my boob which I hate now and want to have removed by laser.
The pain is like scratching hot pins over your skin. Not nice but bearable.
Make sure you go for a timeless design, NOT a cartoon caracter (can you guess what I have?)
Has anyone had laser removal? Is it as bad as I've heard? (like hot rubber bands snapping on your skin)

NotDoingTheHousework Mon 30-Jun-08 10:59:06

Message withdrawn

stealthsquiggle Mon 30-Jun-08 11:05:24

I have one.

Pain was - um - someone sticking a pin in you repeatedly, really - not nice but bearable. Not so good when he decided he wasn't happy with the colour on one bit and went over it again shock

Since I work in a fairly conservative industry and didn't/don't want tattoos to dictate what I can wear, it is on my inner thigh and I would never have one where it would be 'publicly' visible IYSWIM

Bunch Mon 30-Jun-08 11:57:15

I have a beautiful one(IMO) on my lower back. It hurt a bit but definitly bareable. Mine is an all black design cos i hate seeing coloured tats where the colour has faded, although I know black fades too. Mine was done at a highly recommended place and is perfect. Would love another one but DH not keen.

cyteen Mon 30-Jun-08 12:06:49

I have four: a black squiggly thing on my thigh, a rubbish series of coloured blobs on my left lower back that is partially covered now, a swirl of blue stars on my left front shoulder (sort of in the nook between collarbone and arm, iyswim) and a full back piece (neck to hips) that is currently languishing half finished because life stuff keeps getting in the way. When it is finished it will cover up the crap coloured blobs thing, as well as looking mighty fine.

Being tattooed does hurt, but there's so much variation between people and locations on the body. Generally speaking less fat = more painful, but it's not always the way. Most people find their ribs unbearable but I know some who've breezed through that while saying they found their calf or inner arm the worst. It's probably best not to go in with a preconceived idea of how much it will hurt or what it will feel like, as the best way to manage the sensation is to stay relaxed!

Also make sure you eat a good meal before you get inked - carbs, lots of fluids, and take a sugary snack in case you start feeling faint midway through. Cake is always good in these situations wink

Definitely find a good, reputable tattooist - ask to see their portfolio, ask them about sterilisation and other hygiene procedures, try and talk to some of their other clients to see if they're satisfied. A good artist will be happy to go through all this with you.

I love my ink and wouldn't be without it

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