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How can we locate DHs missing brothers and sisters??????????

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Yurtgirl Sat 29-Jan-05 19:29:13

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sat 29-Jan-05 19:30:08

Message withdrawn

Aero Sat 29-Jan-05 19:35:19

Think the Salvation Army have also got some sort of helping to find people service.

Kaz33 Sat 29-Jan-05 19:35:20

Are they in the UK ?

My partner recently found his sister who he hadn't talked with for 7 years. She was in the states - there are search agencies who can locate people as it is much easier to search information. Don't know if there are british versions ?

DP has now contacted both sisters, met 4 nieces who he didn't know existed and a couple of nights ago spoke to his mum for the first time in 25 years. For him it has been a positive experience.

Good luck.

Aero Sat 29-Jan-05 19:37:35

Have a look here .

Yurtgirl Sat 29-Jan-05 20:09:46

Message withdrawn

Aero Sat 29-Jan-05 20:14:42


Yurtgirl Sat 29-Jan-05 20:42:04

Message withdrawn

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