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First birthday + VBAC

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Jimjams Thu 16-Jan-03 21:41:57

DS2 is one tomorrow- can't believe it. I'm beginning to get broody which I would never have imagined myself saying this time a year ago as I booked in for the (not so) elective c section.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to have a VBA two C (IYSWIM)? Although bearing in mind DS1's head was 95th centile and DS2's was 98th maybe I'm kidding myself. Would quite like another, but really don't want another section.....

Still can't believe he's 1 tomorrow.....

RosieT Thu 16-Jan-03 22:01:04

Oh, wish him happy birthday from me!
Yes, I know women have been known to have VBAC2s – obviously depending on their reasons for caesareans 1st and 2nd time rounds. Haven't read the VBAC thread, so don't know whether this has already been mentioned, by have you visited There's lots of info there.
Good luck – I'll be so envious if you go on to have a third!!!

pupuce Thu 16-Jan-03 22:48:19

I know 2 women who have had VBA4C! So 2 is no big deal.. but that dosn't mean the medical profession won't give you a hard time... depends !
I (personnally) don't think head size (centile wise) means much because every woman has more or less room (position during labour allows more or less room for the head).... you would be amazed! But if this is what worries you... DS was 98 centile head and I had NO pain relief what so ever (no gas and air as I hate it) - I pushed 6 1/2 hours and did beg for anything but was denied... I was VERY VERY VERY proud when he was out.... well not the minute he was out as I was bxxxxy fed up but a few hours later... it is do-able and I am no martyr!

Jimjams Thu 16-Jan-03 22:53:56

Oooh you've given me hope! Thank you! We've moved to a new area now so I have no idea what things are like round here. In a way I don't mid if I end up having a section again, but I'd like to think there was a possibility of VBAC. I had very bad adhesions after section 1 so section 2 was a bit of a nightmare.

pupuce Thu 16-Jan-03 23:02:42

So in which part of the country are you now?

mears Thu 16-Jan-03 23:45:29

I have seen a woman having a VBAC2C. Depends the reasons for the first 2 sections.

Jimjams Fri 17-Jan-03 10:23:19

I'm now in Devon- (moved from London). I know they're quite big on home births round here (which I don't want -lol)

First section was a failed induction. After 18 hours I was less than 2 cm. I was fine until some stuid junior dr broke my waters when I was about 1cm (bloody bloody painful and contractions went wild- but didn;t get into a proper rythmn). 2nd section becuase of head size and possibility that part of the reason for non-progression the first time was disproportion (personally I doubt this- I think they messed up first time).

i wish now that I'd pushed for VBAC for the 2nd birth. But you know how it is..... Also I was worried about ds1 the first time for various reasons so it was quite good to have a schedule.

Troubke was apart from the adhesions they messed up a bit with ds2 and he had quite a tough time after being born. Knowing what I do now I'd far rather let things happen in their own time and give VB a go. Maybe.

pupuce Fri 17-Jan-03 11:11:21

Well you could consider a doula (they work a lot with VBACs). There are quite a few in Devon - you can ring one up and chat... it will only cost you a phone call. If you decided to hire one - Devon's prices are lower than London. I think some charge for antental support, birth and postnatal visits... 250£
Kassandre Clemens is very good and I know Alison Munslow...
Have a look here :
Click on About doulas/find a doula

Good luck !

Jimjams Fri 17-Jan-03 11:50:28

Brilliant pupuce- that's a really good idea. I'm not thinking of doing anything yet so to speak- it's only recently I've begun to think I might like a number 3 (and I actually feel like a need a bit more time to get over c-section 2- and I'm still bf for the moment). I'll start doing some research though. Thanks for your advice.

willum Fri 17-Jan-03 12:08:32

Jimjams if you don't mind me asking what happened re. the adhesions? The reason I ask is that ds1 is now a year old, my c-scar is keliod and a complete mess (still itchy sore etc.) and we have just started trying for number two. I hadn't completely made my mind up whether to go for vbac or c2 but I did wonder whether my scar would cause problems 2nd time around.

Jimjams Fri 17-Jan-03 17:51:03

Hi willum. During pregnancy number 2 I kept saying "this baby is sat on my bladder the whole time" What I didn't know (until the section) was that my bladder and uterus were stuck together. It didn't make a huge difference, except that during the 2nd section I suddenly heard "quick call consultant" and no one would tell me why!! (this was before ds2 had been born so I didn't know if the problem was with me or him). They couldn't separate the bladder and uterus so they're still stuck. I had to have a drain in afterwards for a few days and have a catheter for 3 days. Also it was VERY painful afterwards- far worse than the first time. Not helped by understaffing meaning they kept forgetting my painkillers. I was known on the postnatal ward as "the lady with the adhesions" (nice!) Apparently if I had had VBAC it wouldn't have affected that at all. I would assume that if I went for another section there'll be even more scar tissue this time.
Good luck!!

willum Fri 17-Jan-03 18:02:37

Thank you, I think I just made my decision!

Jimjams Fri 17-Jan-03 18:05:37

I've had three HV and they have varied.

My HV now (HV3) is fantastic. DS1 is autistic and she is like a rock. She supports my battles with speech and language therapists and attacks them on my behalf. She has been very supportive about my decision to not vaccinate (at all) DS2- no hassle at all. She just listened to my reasoning, and then said "I totally understand why you are doing this, and I would do the same in your position".

HV2 was quite good as well. When DS1's problems were first becoming apparent (about 22 months). She was ressuring and made extra home visits but also referred him to speech and language ("just in case". She was also very kind in the early days with DS2 when I was getting him weighed and DS1 (then undiagnosed but fairly obviously heading towards a diagnosis) threw himself around the little room. She helped me cope with the two and didn't amke me feel bad about his behaviour at all. So top marks all round really.

Just thought a stand in HV did some research for me on probiotics when DS2 had had antibiotics at 6 weeks and I was beside myself (I believe they contributed to DS1s problems). She found out what dose was safe to give himand rand me at home with the information.

In my experience when I've really needed help they have provided it, in a supportive and non-judgemental way. Much better than most of the GP's and consultant's I've dealt with.

Jimjams Fri 17-Jan-03 18:06:32

woops wrong thread!!!! I'm going mad- glad you've made your mind up willum

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