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romantic ideas

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helsi Fri 28-Jan-05 23:33:59

We haven't a great deal of money but I am wanting to do something nice for DH on or near valentines day. I have been a cow recently with depression and lack of interest in "hows your father" and he says I am as romantic as a wet dishcloth so I want to do something nice for him that is different and will surprise him. Any ideas?

soapbox Fri 28-Jan-05 23:39:25

Would one of those sexy chequebook things be too tacky??? You know the 'I owe you one bj' type things

If thats too tacky, hows about cooking him a meal in a overtly aphrodisiac type way? You know Oysters to start, asparagus spears dripping in molten butter, strawberries with a chocolate fondue dip???

Or if you have some spare cash, how about hiring a masseur to come to you house and do a 'couples massage' type treatment??

Whatever you do - hope you have a fab time

moondog Fri 28-Jan-05 23:39:32

I would always go for the lovingly prepared meal, Champers and the promise of more to come.
Old but effective!
Are you a good cook? Actually that's irrelevant. it would probably mean even more if you're a can't cook/won't cook type.
Just don't assume a romantic gesture has to be bought. So much nicer if it is made.
I've banned my dh from doing stuff for me on Valentine's Day as I hate the feeling of being bulldozed into feeling romantic (and lining someone's pocket in the process!) No offence to those who celebrate it!

trefusis Fri 28-Jan-05 23:43:33

Message withdrawn

Libb Fri 28-Jan-05 23:45:53

DP and I have been struggling big time recently - we were close to calling it a day. So I insisted he took the day off whilst DS still went to the CM - we didn't go too overboard but had a lovely morning . . . .

We then went out for a meal and the cinema, sadly the cinema fell through so we ended back home watching a film - was bliss though because we weren't stressing about the volume, who was going to do the next DS related task etc. and we got to just chill out. At 5pm we turned back into parents but we intend to do it again very soon xx

munnzieb Fri 28-Jan-05 23:50:38

never mind the masseur, cook him a meal, have a box office movie, (or borrow a DVD) then go upstairs and light loads of candles all around your room. Put your skimpy sexy undies on and call him up, then give each other massages... etc... you get my drift! lol.

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