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tendency to pick things apart

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hatstand Fri 28-Jan-05 18:32:16

has anyone else noticed this? You post something. The main point is clear. Before you know it some element of your posting (which you probably didn't give much thought to) is being picked apart. I noticed this the very first time I posted. Someone had had a horrible birth experience and I typed a sympathetic posting, which included an aside comment about nhs services...little knowing what I had let myself in for. I kind of got used to it. But it's starting to piss me off.

MistressMary Fri 28-Jan-05 18:35:24

I think it's a hazard of forums in general?
I wouldn't let it bother you.

bran Fri 28-Jan-05 18:35:33

I think it's because everyone has at least one issue that is a trigger for them, something they just can't let pass without comment. And so many people read and post on Mumsnet that you're bound to set someone off - much, much more so than in normal conversation which has a limited audience.

I know what at least one of mine is because I done it .

bran Fri 28-Jan-05 18:47:02

Oops - that should be "I've done it". Although the time that I did it everyone else quite rightly ignored my picky-ness and continued talking about the orginal theme. The thing is I know if the same thing happened again I would be unable to prevent myself from posting a correction again - it's just such a strong trigger.

hatstand Fri 28-Jan-05 19:40:14

I know sometimes it's a "trigger" - something that someone feels strongly about and can't let lie. I can live with that. But a lot of the time it's not - it's just being picky for the hell of it.

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