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Do I need the shop receipt for a faulty fridge freezer in warranty?

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breeze Fri 28-Jan-05 08:33:03

Bought fridge freezer from curry's about 4 months ago, go tup this morning and the fridge part is not working, the freezer is, but not the fridge.

Since I had it we have decorated 5 rooms and I cant find the receipt/guarantee. Does that mean I am stuck with it.

jangly Fri 28-Jan-05 08:39:33

It will make it more difficult! Don't suppose you registered the guarantee with the makers when you bought it? (no-one does!). Ring Currys, tell them about receipt, decorating etc. If they won't play ball phone local council and speak to their consumer advice department. They must still have record of your purchase though (Currys I mean). Tell them to look it up on their computer.

Potty1 Fri 28-Jan-05 08:57:52

Did you use a credit card breeze? or switch? Is it on one of your statements, maybe that would be enough.

breeze Fri 28-Jan-05 08:58:44


No I did not register the guarantee

Although DH has just phoned and said that the door was open last night he noticed it when he got up this morning, I have turned the fridge on full, and its getting a little cooler although the light doesn't work. So wondering if its just the light thats gone.

Carla Fri 28-Jan-05 09:03:29

The retailer will have a record of the transaction. Give them a ring.

breeze Fri 28-Jan-05 17:16:43

Went into shop and they printed me off a copy of the receipt, great fun I have to wait until Wednesday without a fridge, and have to do a stock check and then I might be able to claim.

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