Anyone elses school had the ' Ned' assembly? Cos I am sooo not happy about it

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DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:19:37

It is anAmerican 'motivational' assembly, which then flogs 'yoyos' to the kids priced between 5 and 10 pounds.
Now all the kids want to buy one, most of them have one, Ds really wants one.
I am refusing to but hi one on principle but feel guilty he is being left out.
I am writing a letter to the head to complain..

WideWebWitch Sun 22-Jun-08 09:21:24

What? Tell us more. Is there a website?

Greyriverside Sun 22-Jun-08 09:25:24

What next? history class can be "you too can own this limited edition replica of the arrow from the battle of hastings!"

Shoot the headmaster before this spreads.

heronsfly Sun 22-Jun-08 09:27:54

Yes,we have had something similar to this,not an assembly,but a group came into school and did a demo with yoyos and skipping ropes,afterwards there was an oppotunity to buy them,of course all the kids thought they would be able to do the tricks with them,and wanted them.
Cant remember the exact price but it was around ten pounds each,total rip off.

TheProvincialLady Sun 22-Jun-08 09:27:56


TotalChaos Sun 22-Jun-08 09:28:22

yes indeed, tell us more. From what you describe I would be livid at assembly as advertorial.

JackieNo Sun 22-Jun-08 09:29:04

NED website hmm.

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:29:08

whilst i agree with the message, don't like the evangalism, and am really not happy about the flogging of expensive otys.
Ds's friends have bought them, one has got lost, one broken, and one stolen.
I feel so mean for not buying DS one, but hate being pshed into doing something. Am so cross about it.angry

Threadwormm Sun 22-Jun-08 09:30:25

God that it awful. I'm really sick of things being marketed via school, but that really takes the biscuit.

liath Sun 22-Jun-08 09:32:07

Saw the title and I was wondering why on earth a school would encourage the kids to dress up as Neds for the day grin.

This would be very confusing North of the border!

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:34:04

Although i ccould afford to buy a yoyo I have spoken to some Mums who cannot afford to buy, and they feel bad.
What does that do for their childresn self esteem?
I am writing a letter to the head cos if i ring i won't remeber to get all my points across.
I can see no benefit to tis 'show ' at all.

WideWebWitch Sun 22-Jun-08 09:35:26

I'd complain. Schools should NOT be marketing opportunities imo.

TotalChaos Sun 22-Jun-08 09:35:45

having looked at website and seen some of the video on the website, not sure I do agree with the message - a hell of a lot of "you can be the champion!!!!!!!!". I don't think schoolkids should be exposed to this type of hardsell.

Threadwormm Sun 22-Jun-08 09:35:48

As well as the marketing of trinkets, this is the marketing of mass-produced processed pseudo-education. You hire out some motivational circus act, preumably in it for profit, instead of trusting to the professional teachers.

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:37:34

it is so wrong in every way.
thought i wa being over sensitive.
i just really can't abide this sort of crap

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:39:21

ours is a church school as welll, and they do a good job of teaching children respect and care for others. I am so disappointed that they thought this was a good idea.

cluttercup Sun 22-Jun-08 09:40:48

This would make me irate! Our school has recently been ofsteded and I gave the school lots of positive feedback which it deserved but also complained about the constant demands for charity money.

Whilst we are fortunate enough to be able to afford to give dd money, I know everyone isn't in the same position. A child being left out of an event due to their parents not being able to afford it is discrimination in my book.

If I even got a sniff of "Ned" I would be trotting off to the headteachers office!

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 09:42:47

was wondering if any teachers on here have any knowledge / experience of it?

melpomene Sun 22-Jun-08 09:48:46


QOD Sun 22-Jun-08 10:00:55

We have had skipping workshop (£6 and dd came home with whip like welts across her face)
circus workshop £6 for a splat bag with peacock feathers, spinning plate, juggling balls and handkies

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 10:04:59

What next ?
The argos catalogue on the overhead and get the kids to choose what they want?

JackieNo Sun 22-Jun-08 10:05:02

Oh yes, we had the skipping workshop too - £10 or something for a skipping rope, that DD immediately lost at school (or someone nicked it).

Pruners Sun 22-Jun-08 10:06:27

Message withdrawn

foofi Sun 22-Jun-08 10:09:38

We have had the skipping workshop, but the school bought whole class sets of skipping ropes and no pressure on kids to get their own. Best scenario.

DoubleBluff Sun 22-Jun-08 10:17:35

I just think it is siwrong that the well off kids can buy the yoyos nad the poorer kids can't.
Or the poorer kids parents struggle to buy one, or feel bad cos they can't.
Great socila message.hmm

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