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What can I do with a 'spare' gas cooker?

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CarrieG Wed 26-Jan-05 19:59:16

Having new kitchen fitted (converting cellar), including built in oven & hob. Existing cooker is a bog standard upright, bought 18 months ago for about £300. Anyone know of a charity that accepts them?

Can't see it being worth trying to flog it - I'm thinking that if I bought a £300 cooker 2nd hand, I'd not want to pay more than a £100, & then there's moving it & getting it fitted by a Corgi fitter...doubt we'd get any takers on ebay etc.

misdee Wed 26-Jan-05 20:01:08

try flogging it, u may get get sdome cash for it. is the gas pipe just a plug in a twist one? i was told only fitted cookers/hobs have to be corgi fitted.

pixiefish Wed 26-Jan-05 20:04:15

they do sell on ebay you know- wouldn't have thought so either

CarrieG Wed 26-Jan-05 20:12:17

Hmmm...thanks! Looks like we might get £20-50 or so (it's in good working order but hardly 'immaculate'). Might give it a go on ebay then, unless anyone can think of a worthy cause that collects them...

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