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Over reaction

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easy Tue 14-Jan-03 14:49:43

Blimey, what on earth is happening?
Currently there is a real spat going on at RK, because some people are being huffy about their opinions being criticised, and this afternoon I've found the same thing happening in one of the threads here.

I come to the discussions to see if I can help anyone, see if I can get help myself, and often for entertainments value (love the threads on mens habits right now ).

I accept that sometimes my suggestions may not be agreed with by others. If someone disagrees with me, Then that is their prerogative (big words now), and their opinion is just as valid as mine.
I think we all have our sensitive issues, and sometimes we can all say things that sound sharp by mistake. Please can our contributors try to keep a sense of proportion (and humour) about these responses. Personally I *can* get enough arguments at home if i try, weithout logging on to get them


breeze Tue 14-Jan-03 18:08:28

here here

ScummyMummy Tue 14-Jan-03 19:31:42

Where on here? Lead me to this spat!

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Jan-03 19:35:40

Well I just looked too and couldn't see one! Even the RK one is very tame and everyone is being nice and polite!

ScummyMummy Tue 14-Jan-03 19:42:01

Not fair- I wanted to see a proper ruck!

Tinker Tue 14-Jan-03 19:42:53

I just looked as well, and was extrememly disappointed about how civilsed it was. Obviously soemone drumming up business for RK Wish we had their emoticons though!

Scatterbrain Tue 14-Jan-03 19:45:02

Ooooh Errrr - nor me ! Not today anyway !!

Trouble is this is like e-mail - you don't get the tone or the facial expressions so you don't really know how something is being said !

What I hate is when I post something that I consider helpful in response to someone elses question and then someone else jumps in all superior and criticises what I've said - makes me fume that does ! I think we should all preview our own responses and think how we'd take the message if it was aimed at us before we post ! Oh Yeah - and take a deep breath sometimes too - I'm guilty of not doing that sometimes !

soyabean Tue 14-Jan-03 19:51:07

Whats RK?

Chinchilla Tue 14-Jan-03 21:16:03

Actually ladies, Suzannem is me. The 'spat' is now all nicely resolved on another thread there (RK is RaisingKids, Soyabean). I was not drumming up business for either RK or Mumsnet, just trying to help out a poor lady who was worried. My well meaning response was not taken well, but both sides have admitted some fault there, and I think that both websites must have benefitted from new members as a result!

I agree with the smiley faces there Tinker (saw you on there BTW! ), they're brilliant. Also, the fact that you can send a private message is good. I have received two as a result of the disagreement, both of them positive, which was nice. Scatterbrain, I agree with the comment about not seeing people's faces. I made the same remark on RK.

Oh well, drama over I hope! I don't like causing trouble.

SoupDragon Tue 14-Jan-03 21:18:44

I couldn't find any recent spats on mumsnet when I looked. Then the GF one looked like taking off again

What emoticons does RK have then?

Claireandrich Tue 14-Jan-03 21:31:46

You get a choice of emotions to choose from - a dozen or so, and most of them are animated, like winking, grinning, etc.

BTW, how do you get emotions on mumsnet?

SoupDragon Tue 14-Jan-03 21:35:34

: ) =
: O =
: ( =
; ) =

Just leave out the space after the :

It's in the "getting started" bit of the mumsnet talk section.

Maybe if we all asked Tech very nicely we can have some more.

Tinker Tue 14-Jan-03 22:29:37

Chinchilla - I wasn't meaning you when I said drumming up business. More the person who started this thread There, that means I've said it in a nice way!!!!

willow2 Tue 14-Jan-03 22:57:37

Tinker - you're not getting all cheeky are you???

Tinker Tue 14-Jan-03 23:01:17

tut tut Willow! Must admit, like the way it says 'Hello cheeky' when I sign in.

emsiewill Tue 14-Jan-03 23:03:27

So I went to RK, and managed to find the thread straight off (impressed myself). It all seemed a bit cliquey to me, but then I think this one did until I "got to know" you all Don't know if I'll go there again, though, there's barely enough hours in the day for this one.
Tinker, I always thought you were a bit cheeky!

emsiewill Tue 14-Jan-03 23:04:42

Meant to say, loved their emoticons.

willow2 Wed 15-Jan-03 18:49:16

The thread that was causing all the fuss has now been deleted so don't bother looking for it!

Chinchilla Wed 15-Jan-03 20:36:29

It's OK Tinker, didn't think that you meant me!

Demented Wed 15-Jan-03 21:31:39

I don't know, you don't log on for 24 hours (getting the shakes) and all hell breaks loose!

Rhubarb Wed 15-Jan-03 22:07:02

I must admit I love a good discussion, and it's probably me that has the GF one starting off again! But a discussion is one thing, when it starts getting personal I back off quick. I think mums in general don't like their parenting skills questioned and so everyone can get very defensive, which leads to ugly spats. Then you get trolls which really wind me up! But most people here know one another so any disputes I think are handled with humour and tolerance.....saying that I haven't looked at the GF one yet! Must remember to do my smiley faces a lot!

Temptress Thu 16-Jan-03 21:59:39

Its not surprising there are so many rucks when some people set out to deliberately cause them. ScummyMummy if you have a beef with me then put it on this one where I post as Temptress. I have never denied that I am an occasional poster on RK as well and if I bore you simply dont read what I put..its that simple. Why you have made a dig at me in the first place I have no clue.

Bozza Thu 16-Jan-03 22:05:34

Temptress I'm surprised you've got an issue with Scummymummy - she's always seemed like a conciliatory and sensitive poster to me. But then what do I know - I can't even follow the gist of this thread.

Temptress Thu 16-Jan-03 22:06:35

I wouldnt have an issue Bozza if she hadnt been rude about me on another site for reasons unknown to me

Chinchilla Thu 16-Jan-03 23:07:52

ScummyMummy - what are you doing??? Was that really you on the RK thread?? OMG, I'm amazed...I really did not mean to start a fight in that thread, and am kind of glad that it was deleted as I kept returning to it in a sad kind of way, having to re-read it and getting all upset again! Now it's gone I can forget all about it.

Out of interest, Temptress, who are you on RK? I thought for a while that you were TWoodford, but I'm not so sure now!

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