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anyone been given phenergan for m/s?

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oops Tue 25-Jan-05 22:25:22

Message withdrawn

oops Tue 25-Jan-05 22:25:40

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 25-Jan-05 22:26:52

i had stemetil tablets for morning sickness.

oops Tue 25-Jan-05 22:27:41

Message withdrawn

sassy Wed 26-Jan-05 09:02:43

Yes I had phenergan for hyperemesis (extreme ms). What I found was that to begin with they made no difference at all(nor did the suppositories I was given to avoid the oral route cos couldn't keep anything down)but after a spell in hosp on a drip, they did work. Took 3 tablets a day to begin with, then down to 2 a day for rest of pregnancy - they stopped me barfing but didn't kill the nausea completely.
As for vitamins,they were so enormous (I took sanatogen ones) I couldn't face them until about week 14. Even the little phenergans made me gag before that!
Now have 2 beautiful, healthy dds(2 sep pgs, not twins). It IS worth it when they arrive! You have my sympathy now though.x

misdee Wed 26-Jan-05 09:08:29

i was hospitalised at 16 weeks due to hyperemesis, and was put on a drip. starved for over 24hrs, only allowed water, then they started me on the stemitil and vitamins. took 5days in hospital toget it under control and me to not be dehydrated, and even with the tablets i had days afterwards of vomiting.

oops Wed 26-Jan-05 20:22:35

Message withdrawn

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