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Bike trailers that go on the front of the bike - cyclists please help!

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HarrietTheSpy Sat 14-Jun-08 13:08:07

Hi there
Has anyone seen one of these - seats for children that instead of going on the back of the bike where you can't see them, are attached to the front, with a child on either side?

I have a long school run starting in Sept with two DCs and am really interested in trying to get one of these.

Our nanny saw them on the Isle of Wight, but I can't seem to find them on the web anywhere.

Does anyone know what i'm talking about?!


Egg Sat 14-Jun-08 13:13:37

Hello just came back from Center Parcs and definitely saw a few bikes with child seats in front of adult seat. Found this but not a trailer type thing for two children apart from the ones that go behind.

Egg Sat 14-Jun-08 13:15:25

Sorry realise my link is actually for the windshield for that seat but they do have the seats as well. Not that you want one like that anyway blush...

HarrietTheSpy Sat 14-Jun-08 13:26:16

Thanks for your message. Was the thing that you saw something that went on either side of the front tire?

Egg Sat 14-Jun-08 13:29:10

No only saw things like in the link, seat in front of the adult seat. Have just been looking online EXTENSIVELY for what you want but found nothing for two children (I have twins and a toddler so curious to see what is out there).

I found a strange one with a trailer at the front, but only for one child, and also another one with the seat over the front wheel rather than just in front of the adult seat, but no doubles.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 14-Jun-08 13:31:07

I think it is a special type of bike, rather than a trailer you can attach to a normal bike IYSWIM.

I saw one in town the other day. It looked a bit tricky to handle, but perhaps the rider was just getting used to it.

Egg Sat 14-Jun-08 13:34:25

I like this one!. There are quite a lot of different types on that website.

HarrietTheSpy Sat 14-Jun-08 13:38:29

Those contraptions are unbelievable. Might try to visit the store and see them in person.

Have you ever used the trailers that go on the back? I am a little nervous about navigating these in traffic in London.

TheFallenMadonna Sat 14-Jun-08 13:39:14

I used a rear trailer, but not in London...

HarrietTheSpy Sat 14-Jun-08 13:41:16

Maybe we should invent a contraption like the one I describe? Anyone out there mechanically minded?!

Egg Sat 14-Jun-08 13:41:52

I would not dare try them on any main roads at all tbh. We have a lot of cycle paths round here (winchester) and I would still be scared!

HarrietTheSpy Sat 21-Jun-08 12:16:10

Egg in case you're still looking at this, these looked good and slightly more nimble than the other ones:

HarrietTheSpy Sat 21-Jun-08 14:27:37

One more: This looks perfect but it's not cheap.

Dragonbutter Sat 21-Jun-08 14:34:08

there was a thread similar to this a few months ago. i'll see if i can find the link.

DLeeds Sat 21-Jun-08 14:35:42

there is a couple of threads in the products section that might be relevent...

Dragonbutter Sat 21-Jun-08 14:37:30

HarrietTheSpy Sat 21-Jun-08 19:55:50

Thanks for that DLeeds. All very very useful. Am going down to Dulwich in the next couple of weeks to try them out.

jennifersofia Sat 21-Jun-08 21:45:40

We have a bakfiets from Velorution, and have used it for our 2 dd's (7 & 5). Currently trying to get them to be cycling independently and have started to use the bakfiet for dd3, who is 2 mths old (put her in a car seat and put that in bike). We got ours for the school run and it has been great - can't recommend it enough. You can google 'bakfiet' or 'henry work cycles' for more information.

HarrietTheSpy Sun 22-Jun-08 09:09:28

Thanks Jennifer. Good to know it's possible to find a way to use these things with two month olds. DD2 is one month at the moment.

jennifersofia Sun 22-Jun-08 15:38:18

by the by, you are welcome to come and try ours out if you want.. we are in East London if you are near here.

selee Sun 22-Jun-08 18:12:12

Just thought I would add my opinion! We are currently choosing a bike to transport ourselves about in, inclding groceries and we have two sons under 2.

We have gone back and forth SEVERAL times on this!!!!!!!!!! Our shortlist was the TrioBike, the Christiania, The Bakfiets Long Cargobike, the Nihola and the Winther Kangaroo.

The decision is a hard one, each bike had various differences, hence different plus and minus points. All the bikes seem great though!

We are going to Velorution and London Recumbents hopefully on Tuesday to have a look at them, except the TrioBike.

We have after much deliberation and changing our minds.... decided the Bakfiets CargoBike Long is the one for us and that is the one I imagine we will purchase. Although we shall see on the day. It had great specs, can be stored outside, its pretty roomy and nimble and I just feel we shall love it in the flesh!

selee Sun 22-Jun-08 18:17:06

Question for JENNIFERSOFIA - ( huge aplogies for hijacking the thread)
My youngest is 10 months old, would be be ok in the Bakfiets bench, or should I pop him on a pillow or something else? Thanks so much.

tallbirduk Sun 22-Jun-08 21:46:04

I saw one of these just the other week, but can't for the life of me remember what it's called.

Have just searched, and no luck - but I did find this:

Which is very cool looking!

I am pretty tempted by the Henry's Workcycles cargo bike though (here) but am wondering how hard they are to ride - so anyone with something similar who can give any feedback, I would love to hear it!

tallbirduk Sun 22-Jun-08 21:52:34

Found it - the Zigo - here

HarrietTheSpy Mon 23-Jun-08 14:37:03

Please send your thoughts through after your trip!!

I'm thinking of going to both on Thursday in fact. Did London Recumbents get the Kangaroo in for you? When I called on Sat they said they would have to dig one out of storage. The Bakefits looks good however I have to say the long version looks intimidating to drive.

Let us know how it goes.

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