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dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:31:18

Bit of a long shot but my M & D are considering setting up a cattery in their retirement. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks, Dinny

Mothernature Mon 24-Jan-05 22:33:56

I hope this helps

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 22:34:53


long runs

space between them

warm comfortable houses

cut off tree trunk for scratching post

double doors so they cant escape

plenty of cat litter

If you do all this we would use you

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:36:14

thanks, MN

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:38:42

how much do you pay, KangaMummy? I have a cat but always use neighbours/sitters. Think a good (ish) amount could be made?

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 22:45:32

£10 per day for 2 cats in same double bed housing

Felix food is provided by them.

That is in sussex

The other one we dont like as much as it is too small but when we are here is more convient but is slightly more expensive. so if we go from here then use it but prefer sussex.

We got reduction when they were in there{sussex} for 3 months while we were travelling around world but they were happy together as they had loads of cuddles

It needs to be very clean, safe, warm and cool in heatwave, they need shelter, you certainly need to give loads of cuddles IMHO.

Do they really love cats because it is obvious to owners?

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:48:19

They adore cats. Have three utterly pampered boys. Me and my sis think would be the perfect job for them now my dad selling business. Thanks for that, KM!

fee77 Mon 24-Jan-05 22:50:55

I am paying £4.50 per cat per day in essex. If they start up, tell them to get in with the local cats protection group, helping with fundraising etc. It's a good way to get more customers

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 22:54:25

youre welcome

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