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MistressMary Mon 24-Jan-05 21:10:58

Just got a new mobile phone, and tonight Ireceived a text inviting me to view some hot Brazilian Babes. Err no thanks.

How do they get through to my phone? Is it common? How can I stop them?
I had them on my old phone to start with , but they died out.
I thought there was a law anyhow? Or am I wrong?

Whizzz Mon 24-Jan-05 21:23:27

Isn't there an equivalent of the Telephone Preference Service for mobiles ? I've seen something somewhere - you might need to look on Google

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 21:27:00

i think the tps covers mobiles as well. Am sure i put mine on there when i did the land line

Whizzz Mon 24-Jan-05 21:27:13

Thought there was Look Here

MistressMary Mon 24-Jan-05 21:36:51

I'm with vodaphone but will check to see if they have a service for stopping spam.


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