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'Bring it forward' filing/organizing system (Davros?)

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JJ Mon 24-Jan-05 17:40:58

Eons ago Davros (or you, if you're reading this ) mentioned her 'bring it forward' system of filing or getting things done.

Could you tell me about it? I need something different than what I have (a general filing system that has lots of gaps and a very bad way of prioritizing to-dos).

Thanks -- it sounded excellent at the time, but I was too lazy to change. Now I'm in the position of rebuilding what I have (due to a move) or changing and want to do something different.

Millie1 Mon 24-Jan-05 22:10:59

Twasn't me but before I changed 'career' to be a SAHM I used a bring it forward system. Basically had 12 folders - one per month - then an additional 31 folders numbered 1-31 for the days. Anything coming in would go into appropriate monthly folder then at beginning of month, that month's papers were put into appropriate date file. When I was disciplined enough to use it, I found it great - if I let myself get slack, I'd find something that needed doing a month later when I was putting the next month's papers in!

Don't know if this will help!

JJ Wed 26-Jan-05 20:28:55

Millie1, thanks! I can see how I can modify that (using weeks instead of days as most things have that leeway) to use here.

That really helps as most times I pay something that's not due for months just to be rid of the bill -- it would help our finances, I think, to pay things closer to the time they're due. And it will immensely help with our tax stuff as we're expats.

So thanks again!

Davros Wed 26-Jan-05 21:37:43

Yes, that's more or less the thing I use. I have a 1-31 concertina file which also has months. I put any paperwork, write notes to myself, print out emails I seriously want an answer to etc and put them in when I think is a likely date to deal with them. Also conferences, theatre tickets etc go in there for the date they are on, I never lose those tickets! ANy old piece of paper can go in there if it means something to you, either to do something yourself or expect a response from someone else. I have known people in offices who use a whole drawer with file dividers for a brought forward file but my concertina file is fine for home..... but its arse does fall out sometimes and you have to tape it up or get another one or you lose everything! THe other thing I use is a Yahoo internet calendar which sends you email reminders, will repeat regular things such as birthdays, playgroup etc.
I think this is the first time I've had my name in a thread title, the excitement!

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