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Any Empire Stores Codes Please?

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charliecat Mon 24-Jan-05 10:08:23

Have big order and a code would be appreciated! Thanks!

Furball Mon 24-Jan-05 10:35:47

PF1499 - for £10 off
PB1364 - for £25 off a £50 order!!

charliecat Mon 24-Jan-05 16:34:49

cheers! Much appreciated!

charliecat Wed 26-Jan-05 16:51:03

bump for anyone else who might like to use these

starlover Wed 26-Jan-05 18:42:20

what is empire stores? are they online? do i need things from them?????

Furball Wed 26-Jan-05 19:38:46

Empire Stores

charliecat Wed 26-Jan-05 19:42:49

LOL starlover! ...tried the bottom code furball and it rejected it polietly but offered me and alternative ive been "offered" previously...thatll be the junk mail I recycle then wont it...and I picked a 5% discount, Buy now pay later and a free fish fleece(lol) Cheers.

starlover Wed 26-Jan-05 19:56:23

charliecat... how do you get a fleece on a fish?????

charliecat Fri 28-Jan-05 16:20:29

dunno...but thats what the free gift said it was!

starlover Fri 28-Jan-05 16:29:33

ooh, well do let us know when it arrives! lol

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