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Help - Slugs!!!!

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Blossomhill Sun 23-Jan-05 23:17:24

We have wooden floors and every now and again we have slug trails on our rugs (disgusting I know). We put some slug pellets down under the floor boards and that seemed to help but have been finding them again. Help I hate them!!!

colditzmum Sun 23-Jan-05 23:19:26

Ew ew ew!!!! Sprinkle salt everywhere under your florboards. Oh I hate them too, they make me feel physically sick!!

HunkerMunker Sun 23-Jan-05 23:21:56

Apparently they hate garlic and eggshells or gravel. But this is really more for outdoors I suppose. Hugs hun - they're vile things. What is the point of slugs?!

miggy Sun 23-Jan-05 23:25:21

we have the same with the floorboards in our dining room-good for a laugh when dh goes in barefoot to get his scotch and treads on one-ugh!
sorry -no answer-just sympathy

RTKangaMummy Sun 23-Jan-05 23:36:27

can you seal the floorboards

well the gaps in them

@ DH stepping on them

charleypops Sun 23-Jan-05 23:53:28

Slugs aren't that bad! If you look closely they've got really cute antennae like eye-stalks that wave around. Quite graceful really

HunkerMunker Sun 23-Jan-05 23:56:46

But they can eat a gardenful of plants in one sitting. Slimy munching buggers!

charleypops Mon 24-Jan-05 00:05:34

I know! they ate all my lovely herb wheel last year! I'm going to find out how to prevent them doing it this year. Can't bear to hurt em though...

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 00:09:25

Try the garlic thing - it doesn't kill them (afaik) but they don't like it. Plant some garlic in amongst the other things and hope for the best. Sprinkle eggshells and gravel too (too pointy and sharp for their soft sluggy underbellies apparently).

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 00:11:09

vasaline around plant pots

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 00:13:24

God, the things we do.

charleypops Mon 24-Jan-05 00:16:08

Hmm - I'll try that. Not meaning to highjack the thread, but have you ever got slug slime on your fingers? It's so weird, it doesn't wash off!

sallystrawberry Mon 24-Jan-05 00:17:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 00:17:09

No, thank goodness. I hope I never do! Interested now though...if it doesn't wash off, do you still have it on your hand?

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 00:17:29

SallyStrawberry - my toes curled when I read your post!!!

charleypops Mon 24-Jan-05 00:19:19

I do that too in my bare feet!

HM - I had to suck it off

sallystrawberry Mon 24-Jan-05 00:19:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charleypops Mon 24-Jan-05 00:21:28

Didn't really - had to wipe vigorously with kitchen towel

RTKangaMummy Mon 24-Jan-05 00:22:23

ediemay Mon 24-Jan-05 02:08:30

possibly a totally unhelpful bit of info - but they hate comfrey and apparently won't crawl/slime over it. I know comfrey rugs aren't appealing but thought it might save charleypops' herbs. Sally, poor thing, yuck! I stepped on a big cockroach with bare feet and still get sweaty thinking about it EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

fostermum Mon 24-Jan-05 06:36:15

i too am like you and detest the damn things along will worms'we once had a cat who would let the fattest little mouse walk by him but insisted on bringing in worms and slugused to leave them on the stairs while i was upstairs had to ring some one to remove them

starlover Mon 24-Jan-05 10:32:21

I can't stand slugs either! the sight of them makes me retch.

We get tons in our garden and I got a "slug pub" which works VERY well.... but you will need someone to empty out the dead slugs each morning

LouBeeLou Mon 24-Jan-05 12:41:32

I've heard that they don't like coffee. Doesn't kill them like salt but they won't crawl over it.

charleypops Mon 24-Jan-05 12:45:03

Edie! I HATE roaches I'm absolutely terrified of them (in fact anything with more than 4 legs).

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 13:41:37

I reckon putting beer in saucers is like opening a bar for slugs in your garden though - it seems to attract them from all over the neighbourhood!

Charleypops - had gone to bed before you posted you sucked it off - ewww! Glad you posted again...!

SallyStrawberry - re chopping foot off - I'd have had to do that too (or boil it...!).

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