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help dd wants to bake, only have v basic ingredients

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lucy5 Sun 23-Jan-05 13:13:33

I have sr flour
chocolate powder
really mushy bannanas

Any ideas im not exactly Nigella. Ps havent got fairy cake tin on paper cups. God im useless.

hoxtonchick Sun 23-Jan-05 13:13:55

jam tarts?

doggiewalker Sun 23-Jan-05 13:15:31

Scones - so easy!

8 oz sr flour
2 oz butter/marg
2 oz sugar
1 egg beaten with bit milk

Rub flour/marg together till like breadcrumbs. Add sugar, raisins then bind together with egg/milk.

Shape into scones. Put on baking tray and glaze with egg/milk.

Cook for about 20 mins at medium/hot oven.

mumofelise Sun 23-Jan-05 13:15:34

try the website cooking with numbers. if you tick the ingrediants, iot will gove you suggestions.

doggiewalker Sun 23-Jan-05 13:18:42

Or play dough Just miss out the cream of tartar.

happymerryberries Sun 23-Jan-05 13:19:29

Fairy cakes? they could be chocolate or raisens

SoupDragon Sun 23-Jan-05 13:20:47

shortbread uses only butter flour and sugar

doggiewalker Sun 23-Jan-05 13:21:44

I think this is what mumofelise meant

JanH Sun 23-Jan-05 13:24:00

I have recipe for delish banana cake requiring really mushy bananas - supposed to have choc chips in but I wonder how it would be if you substituted choc powder for some of the flour? (Supposed to have golden syrup too but you could substitute extra sugar?)

Will post it if you like?

lucy5 Sun 23-Jan-05 13:26:39

jan h yes please, if you dont mind. im going to do the scones too.

JanH Sun 23-Jan-05 13:35:00

Here you go, lucy:

6oz marg (butter OK presumably)
2tbs golden syrup (or equiv sugar, brown better than white?)
4oz sugar
10oz SR flour
½ tsp salt
½ tsp bicarb
2 eggs
3oz choc chips
10 oz mashed banana
½ tsp vanilla essence (not essential)
demerara sugar (not essential)

Melt marg, syrup, sugar in large saucepan.
Add flour, salt, bicarb.
Leave to cool, then add egg, choc chips, banana and vanilla.
Grease 8" cake tin and pour mixture in. (Can use other size/shape tin but cooking time would vary, but it's pretty much trial and error anyway!)
Sprinkle demerara on top.
Bake at 180 for approx 1 hour.

It always looks done before it is, so needs skewering regularly until you are sure.

It is lovely!

JanH Sun 23-Jan-05 13:36:34

Oh, and if you like your cakes squidgy you can put extra banana in

doggiewalker Sun 23-Jan-05 13:54:05

mmm sounds nice Janh. Let us know how you got on with your little baking session lucy5.

Allegra Sun 23-Jan-05 19:04:59

I'd make scotch pancakes and let her use the other stuff as toppings.

lucy5 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:31:36

Thanks janh, i managed to borrow some syrup fom my neighbour, im sure this cake will become a firm favourite. Thanks doggiewalker, i think i left the scones in for too long, they went a little bit hard, so i sprinkled sugar on them and called them mini rock cakes and nobody seemed to notice. They were absolutely delicious. Thanks all, I knew I could rely on mumsnet.

JanH Sun 23-Jan-05 19:37:05

Oh good! Thanks for the update, lucy. It is a wonderful cake and if you always end up with brown bananas (we do) you don't mind so much knowing you can still use them

Did you use the choc powder instead of the chips btw? Did it taste just vaguely chocolatey like that? Get some choc chips in for the next time!

lucy5 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:45:44

Yes we always have brown bananas, normally I fry them with butter, sugar and rum, its delicious. I got around the choc chips by smashing up 2 chocolate Christmas tree decorations that were left over. To be honest I found them under my dds bed yesterday, oh god secret chocolate stashes, she really is here mother's daughter. Thanks again, everytime I bake it i will think of you.

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