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Change of job contract-does redundancy apply?

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concernedconfused Sun 23-Jan-05 12:10:47

My DH works for Safeway, who have been taken over by Morrisons. He is still on his old contract until July. He came home steaming yesterday, saying that he wasn't going to sign the new contract and that they had originally said he would be able to stay on the old one as long as he wanted, but were now saying he had to.

Basically the changes are: he currently gets night rate of 1/3 as much again as day, Sundays he gets a lot extra and Saturdays I think is 1.5. Bank Hol also extra. He does 4 nights and gets paid weekly. New contract gets rid of night rate and just pays higher hourly rate, but nowhere near as much. Sat /Sun and BH are "normal" days, not premium, and you can't opt out. Would work 5 nights and be paid monthly. Also would lose 1 weeks holiday as currently gets 5 weeks, having been there a long time.

From what I remember, they had a year's notice of the change (but not specific conditions as above), so that you had a year to find another job if it wasn't acceptable. Because of that I'm quite sure that they would refuse redundancy & he would effectively leave voluntarily, which means no pay-out, and redundancy cover for mortgage wouldn't pay out.

Of the lot he is most worried about switching to monthly pay. We only manage because we have a regular trickle of money coming in each week, and would effectively have to live for a whole month on one weeks money following the change. I work, so we wouldn't be destitute, but we would have to use our overdraft that has taken me years to clear, and will put us right back in the shite with our finances just as we are starting to clear them.

He says according to the Union- which he does not belong to- with the new contract, his job as it is now would cease to exist, ergo he is redundant. I don't think it is that simple. Can anyone help?

Levanna Sun 23-Jan-05 22:57:14

I think that ACAS will be able to advise you/your DH about this. They were very informative when my DH contacted them recently.

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