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Temptress Thu 09-Jan-03 22:03:04

Is there a live chat room on Mums that I havent noticed?

kkgirl Thu 09-Jan-03 22:44:44

I don't think so, but it would be great wouldn;t it?

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Jan-03 23:42:58

Not to my knowledge. I sort of prefer this though: you get to read everything everyone else said earlier rather than it disappearing into the ether!

susanmt Fri 10-Jan-03 10:09:22

One of the good things about Mumsnet I think is that there isn't a chatroom! Chatrooms, IME, attract people who might not be as 'desireable' as our present exclusive clientele Not being snobbish, but I have come across (1) real fakers, about really personal subjects, like children dying and (2) pervs in parenting chatrooms before now, and one of the reasons Mumsnet is my fave is that people like that cant make a lot of trouble.

Crunchie Fri 10-Jan-03 12:43:05

I agree, chat rooms seem to be make things quite cliquey IMHO

Tinker Fri 10-Jan-03 13:44:02

Agree. There was a whole furore on another site I look at, albeit not a chat room but so busy and cliquey it often feels like that. One guy pretended he was suicidal and apparently a lot of well-meaning (bored?) people stayed up all night to find out it was hoax. Also, same site, after years of making highly informed posts as a woman, the poster confessed that he was indeed a bored computer programmer and male. Nothing remotely seedy about his posts but many felt deeply hurt at being duped for so long. Must admit, thought it was rather clever.

Temptress Fri 10-Jan-03 15:16:05

I feel very sorry for people like that. What sad lives they must have to have to make something like that up. I guess I have been lucky in the chat rooms I have visited because, as far as I am aware, I havent seen anything like that.. but who knows!

Rhubarb Fri 10-Jan-03 15:26:54

Temptress - that is such a chat room name if you don't mind my saying! In my limited experience of them, they tend to be full of sexual references and explicit language. If Mumsnet did have a chat room I should imagine all sorts of weirdos would log on for sinister or otherwise purposes. It's bad enough whenever we get trolls around! I like this discussion board just the way it is!

Scatterbrain Fri 10-Jan-03 15:32:15

Here Here Rhubarb !! Mumsnet - don't change - we love you !!!!

Actually - anyone noticed how many NEW people are here this month - it's just like a gym - filling up with new people every January - hope you've all paid your subscriptions ladies ????

And - welcome by the way !!

bayleaf Fri 10-Jan-03 16:55:18

Absolutely - this week the board's gone mad and so many of the names are unfamiliar I presume many have come via the mention ON raising Kids that Chincilla made.
I hope more members is good news for Mumsnet - presumably advertisers go by how many people have joined??? If so maybe some of us should go and join so other baby sites that we aren't really intereted in , casually mention Mumsnet - which will instantly get us banned but who cares! - and thus promote Mumsnet to all those poor souls who are stuggling by with only inferior message boards to entertain them

Temptress Fri 10-Jan-03 17:18:27

How many people that post have actually subscribed? Just asking out of curiousity..and how much in general have they given?

WideWebWitch Fri 10-Jan-03 17:26:39

The current list of subscribers is here This isn't all of them as not everyone wanted their name on the published list.

willow2 Fri 10-Jan-03 19:14:34

ok, so I went to find out what all the fuss was about, registered and all that, but don't seem to be able to even get the list of forums up - is it me being dim, or is UKP either hard to use or not working?

willow2 Fri 10-Jan-03 19:15:38

sorry - posted in wrong place - duh

oxocube Fri 10-Jan-03 19:41:32

Regarding people pretending to be who they are not (and this is probably irrelevant to this discussion!), I used to work for Samaritans and was AMAZED at how many calls turned out to be hoax, a bit like the fake chat room guests. It was actually really horrible to find out that I had been talking for a couple of hours to someone who said they were suicidal only to find out a) it was a wind up or b)a sex call with someone getting off on the conversation (a lot more common than you would think).

Whilst I'm sure most chat rooms are not like this, I think I prefer Mumsnet the way it is.

Marina Fri 10-Jan-03 20:09:56

I'm with the others who feel that the absence of a chatroom is one of the pluses of Mumsnet. The boards are so busy and entertaining anyway!

EmmaTMG Fri 10-Jan-03 20:16:09

Hello everyone. I'm still quite new to this site and have paid a subcription but I have to say I was surprised that I didn't HAVE to pay one and was able to post bits and pieces without paying something.
After about 3 days I was addicted and felt really guilty when I realised that there was a subscription so paid something straight away and it's worth every penny. I only wish I could have paid more but it was better than nothing I suppose.
I've never been in chat room (new computer for xmas) so I couldn't really comment on them but Mumsnet seems perfect to me even if I am a computer novice.

Batters Fri 10-Jan-03 20:52:42

Oob, how nice to see so many new people on Mumset .

Perhaps the sudden rise in contributers could also have something to do with the gift subscription idea as well?

I don't really fancy the idea of a chatroom personally.

Tortington Fri 10-Jan-03 21:30:00

its strange that this thread should appear i was only thinking about this the other day.

sometimes i go to a chat room where there are only 12 regular users, we know the new ones and the people who take the mick and its not tolerated. just as we can tell suspect threads you can sort the wheat from the chaff in chatrooms too, especially if they are only frequented by a low number as i suspect a mumsnet chat room would be most of the time.

i think its a wonderful idea

Temptress Fri 10-Jan-03 21:33:30

Oh well I guess the answer to my original question is no..there isnt a!

prufrock Sat 11-Jan-03 15:27:41

Maybe Mumsnet could set up a chatroom, but make it a subscribers only service - that way you shouldn't get the wierdos, and Mumsnet might make some more money

Tortington Sat 11-Jan-03 23:56:29

good idea pru

Batters Sun 12-Jan-03 09:27:57

Prufock - yes, that it is a good idea.

tigermoth Sun 12-Jan-03 15:19:59

yes, good idea.

SoupDragon Sun 12-Jan-03 17:28:32

Was there not some problem with VAT and offering "subscribers only" benefits though?

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