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what do girls wear to birthday parties?

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hatstand Fri 21-Jan-05 18:42:40

what do 4/5 year-old girls wear to birthday parties? DD is dead set on wearing the only "party" dress she has, which is VERY summery (ie white cotton, pale blue flowers sleeveless). I feel guilty that she hasn't got a winter one so I'm a bit tempted to get her one tomorrow morning, but am reluctant to get something if she's going to get there and find everyone else in spangly sparkly jeans (which I'm afraid I can't bear). The only winter dres she has is a denim pinafore - it's nice but not very party-like.

Yorkiegirl Fri 21-Jan-05 18:48:42

Message withdrawn

kernowcat Fri 21-Jan-05 18:49:11

Howe about a pretty cardigan to wear with the summer dress? The will be indoors anyway I presume?

golds Fri 21-Jan-05 18:51:06

I think it really depends on the party, if its a physical party then jeans are best, but if its within a home then a dress would be fine. Kids grow up to quickly, little girls look lovely in dresses, plenty of time for sparkly stuff. What does she want to wear?

posyhairdresser Fri 21-Jan-05 18:54:28

They wear a whole variety of gear IME. I let dd choose her own party outfit which is normally highly eclectic & unsuitable but she is always thrilled with her get up...dressing up box clothes will not look out of place!

And parties are normally very hot, especially if there is a disco - so winter clothes not necessarily a good idea anyhow!

hatstand Fri 21-Jan-05 18:59:54

tbh, she would be prefectly happy in her summer dress - she's already got it out and hung it on the back of the door. She know's it's what mummy calls "summery" and told me she'd wear a t-shirt underneath and bright red tights. She's also got a nice cardi she can wear with it...I am sure she'll be perfectly happy it's just I feel a bit guilty that she doesn't have a more suitable one (and balk a bit at the thought that anyone might think I'd had anything to do with the pale cotton print and red tights). shallow aren't I?

posyhairdresser Fri 21-Jan-05 19:01:51

My guess is that probably only 1 child in the whole party will be in a get up that you would have selected as suitable!

hatstand Fri 21-Jan-05 19:03:49

perhaps I'll just persuade her out the tights and into some white socks...she's not going to get cold is she?

BigFatHeiferEnid Fri 21-Jan-05 19:07:52

blimey hatstand, I let my dd1 choose her own outfit for parties and she looks completely bonkers most of the time, good on her she doesnt care. I wouldn't give it a second thought and let her wear it.

Grubby Belle costumes seem to be all the rage round here

posyhairdresser Fri 21-Jan-05 19:08:03

More likely to be hot than cold I reckon - what with general excitement and running around/ dancing!

blush00 Fri 21-Jan-05 19:27:14

It is actually illegal for any girl of any age to wear anything tasteful to a party. Right?? It's a party ffs

aloha Fri 21-Jan-05 19:29:51

I'd let her choose her own outfit if it made her happy. My friend's dd of the same age always - winter or summer - wears one of two charity 'princess' dressing up dresses (suspect one may be Belle!). She's very happy and couldn't care less what anyone else wears. I think they don't at that age. Don't houses round your way have central heating then?

Lonelymum Fri 21-Jan-05 19:30:15

My dd (also 4, nearly 5) wouldn't be seen dead in anything other than a dress, the prettier the better. Shame she isn't older than your dd or I would have some hardly worn dresses to hand on to you. Sometimes, girls wear dressing up clothes to parties. Could she do that?

blush00 Fri 21-Jan-05 19:33:53

ooops LM so that's where I've been going wrong with dd . That along with everything else!!!

hatstand Fri 21-Jan-05 19:34:16

alright, alright, the real point is not that I care what she looks like (that was an aside really) it's just my own guilt that I'm a mean mum who's dd hasn't got a suitable party dress that she can choose to reject in favour of unsuitable summer dress/grotty dressing up outfit (we only do the grotty variety). I'll live with the guilt.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Fri 21-Jan-05 19:37:07

You're lucky my DD2 will only wear a very pink Cinderella dress to parties. She likes to wear it with lovely summer sandals whatever the weather. She was threatening to wear her Fiona (from Shrek)costume, complete with mask the other day. lol

Just put a cardi on her. She'll be fine. Hope she enjoys the party.

scaltygirl Fri 21-Jan-05 20:13:31

Message withdrawn

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