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moving to west london - advice

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alhambra Fri 21-Jan-05 16:45:53

Hello I am new to mumsnet and am after some advice. After 2 years in bristol we're moving back to London but we've got to live in west london because of job reasons, we've only ever lived north and east before. At the moment we are looking at barnes and st margaret's do any mumsnetters live there and what's it like?
Many thanks in advance

PotPourri Fri 21-Jan-05 17:26:13

Hiya. I live in Isleworth and it is nice there. There is not alot in the way of nightlife/shops, but it is nice for families, fairly quiet, and more to the point a bit more affordable than the surrounding areas. There are a couple of overland train stations, and Osterley tube is quite close to one end of Isleworth. Also really easy to get to Richmond, St Margaret's or Hounslow on the bus. Brentford is really up and coming. Chiswick is LOVELY (used to live there) but expensive. Barnes I have heard is really nice (maybe quite pricy too) but only overland train to London. I used to live in East Hounslow too, but (Hope I don't offend anyone) wouldn't really recommend much. The bits near Whitton and Osterley are ok, but the aeroplane noise is pretty loud, and pollution is high too. However it is very affordable, and I found the people really nice and friendly (in London terms). The shops are good too, cheap and cheerful as well as all your standard high street shops. Nothing posh though if that is what you are after (Richmond is best for that). Ealing is nice, I haven't lived there but everyone I know that does is really happy. Can be pricy there though, and I find the street lighting and parking leaves alot to be desired.

HTH. And if you do move, there are various meet ups that you could join in with. Good luck!

foxinsocks Fri 21-Jan-05 17:33:36

I don't live far from St Margarets. It has the most fantastic park there (Marble Hill Park) and my kids absolutely love it there. Also a fantastic 1 o'clock club and excellent schools (though very hard to get into so take that into account when you choose the location of the house).

Barnes - again lovely area - nice walks by the river. Haven't been there for a while so not sure about family friendly stuff.

Both places only have overground trains but St Marg's is close enough to Richmond (and train stops there) that if you need the tube you can change there.

CountessDracula Fri 21-Jan-05 17:52:32

HI alhambra, there are quite a few of us in the Barnes/East Sheen area - Barnes is lovely but v expensive. East Sheen not so cute but v nice, cheaper than Barnes. They are right next to each other. Richmond is lovely too.

ks Fri 21-Jan-05 18:07:50

Message withdrawn

janeybops Fri 21-Jan-05 18:32:37

NOT Hounslow

alhambra Fri 21-Jan-05 18:36:40

thanks everyone great advice - I've got to choose between Barnes Primary and St Mary's in St Mags, does anyone have kids who go there? or know anyone who does? cheers alhambra x

CountessDracula Fri 21-Jan-05 22:36:38

I know someone whose kids go to barnes primary and she is VERY happy with it

bettys Sat 22-Jan-05 09:19:06

I know people whose children go to Barnes Primary & they're very happy with it. All the primary schools in the area are good, Richmond has some of the best results in the country.

alhambra Tue 25-Jan-05 19:44:42

Cool thank you. So are there lots of mumsnetters in this area.


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