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Three Wheelers

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Platinum Wed 08-Jan-03 21:27:39

Can anyone give me info on the Kingswood Buzz Sport? I've got a Bebe Confort 2 in 1 which was great at first but now my son is 1 is totally useless! I'm looking for for a cheap off road replacement and have found a web-site that has the Kingswood on offer )

Mumma Thu 09-Jan-03 12:56:56

got to be quick - at work! I had the double one of these and thought it was great. It pushed along like a dream. If the single one is the same then it will be great value for money - I bought my double one from and it came with a raincover, cosy toes, pump and changing bag. I did go on to buy a single three wheeler - the Mothercare Urban Detour in burgundy but got it cheap from a frined otherwise would have got a Buzz single. Hope that helps you ... just check it goes in your car boot if you want it too - had to take out the parcel shelf to get the double in althouth the single fits ok lying down.

Scatterbrain Thu 09-Jan-03 13:04:04

I've got a Kingswood Buzz - but not the sport version ! Find it quite big - have to take off front wheel to fit it in my boot - but have got used to the faff now ! It's great cross-country and gives dd a much smoother softer ride. Not a lot of room underneath for shopping or bags and the seat only has two settinngs - flat or sitting up and the sitting up one is too leaned back for my dd - so she is always leaning forwards. Apart from that it is fab and was even fabber value at £99 a year ago in Asda.

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