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Parking Ticket - and she'd paid and displayed!

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SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 15:39:25

Essbee has just managed to pick up a £100 parking ticket despite paying and displaying and arriving back before the ticket ran out.

Presumably she will get off this - if so what does she have to do and
Does anyone fancy phoning up and giving them hell on her behalf?

galaxy Thu 20-Jan-05 15:41:04

What? On what grounds did they give her the ticker?

galaxy Thu 20-Jan-05 15:41:14

oops: ticket

misdee Thu 20-Jan-05 15:41:59

phone the company who issued the ticket, take her ticketand pay and display ticket with her to go and see them.

my dad got a fine the otgher month as his disabled badge had fallen out of sight. as the warden hadnt putn a reason foir issuing the ticket on the form they quashed it.

Casmie Thu 20-Jan-05 15:42:17

AFAIR you take a photocopy of the parking ticket and send it off to the address where you would send the fine. All the details about who to send it to etc should be on the back of the ticket? (At least they were with dh's when we lived in Central Croydon).

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 15:42:50

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 20-Jan-05 15:42:52

well presumably she has her pay and display ticket with the time and all on it?
the ticket she was issued should also state what time it was given.
I would either call the people who issued it (was it local council?) or go to their office if it is local and point this out to them.
Obviously the time on her pay and display ticket will prove that she was not in the wrong

jampots Thu 20-Jan-05 15:44:59

i once picked up a ticket as my car had broken down on the side of the road not far from the Police Station/Mags Court in Solihull (also double yellows). I went along to te police station to explain that what had happened so they knew it was a valid reason. When i got back to my car it had a ticket on it. All i had to do was send the ticket off to my local Mags Court and they revoked it.

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 15:45:01

Apparently she was caught "parking without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or vouchers". On the dashboard clearly isn't clear enough.

Casmie Thu 20-Jan-05 15:46:09

Also, ime if it's a council issued one, they're fairly good about letting it go if there's any slight indication that the fine is disputed... suspect they don't have enough staff around to look into the disputes in full detail...

Chances are if she just sends the letter off with the photocopied ticket it'll be rescinded.

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 15:46:36

A lot of the P&D tickets in Croydon aren't sticky, they're just ticket you have to put on the dashboard.

Casmie Thu 20-Jan-05 15:48:00

On the plus side, at least that lorry that takes away illegally parked cars wasn't doing the rounds today....

* hugs * to Essbee...

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 15:48:37


secur Thu 20-Jan-05 15:52:12

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 20-Jan-05 15:52:54

not if its just a slip secur, some pay and displays arent sticky tickets.

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 15:53:12

Message withdrawn

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 15:54:06

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 15:54:50

I'm sure it says you should display them on your dashboard.

zubb Thu 20-Jan-05 15:56:00

I had a parking ticket after paying and displaying so I photocopied it and sent it to the council. They replied with a photo showing that it was displayed upside down and must have flipped as I closed the door. They did let me off though as a 'first offence'.
If she has the ticket then I think that they need to show why they gave her the fine.

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 15:57:02

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 16:01:10

Nagging her into writing a letter enclosing a copy of the ticket


SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 16:13:14

Letter sent

Let's all think positive thoughts about her getting let off and negative ones about the warden getting a wart on the end of her nose. Please don't get the two mixed up.

Casmie Thu 20-Jan-05 16:17:01

LOL Soupy. Good vibes and wartiness sent in the right directions...

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 16:26:11

Message withdrawn

horseshoe Thu 20-Jan-05 16:54:53

This happened to DH and your gonna kill me for telling you this.

He had got a ticket but it had fallen on the floor as he closed door and he hadn't noticed so got a ticket. He questioned but in meantime didn't pay. They not only refused his plea but cause it went past so many days w/o him paying he had to pay double!!! So if anything my advice would be to ask her to pay and then make plea just in case same happens.

I reckon they thought he could of got ticket from someone else maybe??

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